kbc 13 First crorepati Himani Bundela

kbc 13 First crorepati Himani Bundela
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kbc 13 First crorepati Himani Bundela

kbc 13 First crorepati Himani Bundela

Kaun Banega Crorepati has got the first crorepati to win Rs 1 crore in the new season of 13th. Himanshi Bundela, a blind contestant, said she wanted to open an education facility for the disabled like herself with prize money.

The promo video shows that Himanshi has won at least Rs 1 crore and has even tried the question of Rs 7 crore. She said in an interview, ‘I can’t say how much I won in the show. I want to start coaching. We have a comprehensive university. This will be done for the purpose of creating where different able and normal children can study together.

Preparing to teach ‘mental mathematics’
He further said, ‘We will prepare them for UPSC, CPCS. I have taken the initiative to teach ‘mental mathematics’ to blind children. I want to set up my dad’s small business that has gone completely zero in the lockdown. I want to raise it again so that the future is secure.

Trying for 10 years
Talking about her readiness to appear in the show, Himanshi said, “I have been trying to come here for 10 years. I used to send messages but it was always pending. Then I started thinking that maybe the selection process will be a bit different, , So I thought it could happen now.I didn’t think I could sit in the hot seat.

Himanshi could not stop himself from the final question?
The episode has not aired yet and looking at the promo it seems that Himanshi is also trying the final question. She tells host Amitabh Bachchan, ‘I’m scared, if it’s wrong, but my mind is telling the answer, that’s the answer.’

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