Kenny Duckworth Is Kendrick Lamar’s Father: 10 Unknown Facts

Kenny Duckworth Is Kendrick Lamar’s Father: 10 Unknown Facts

Popular American rapper, Kendrick Lamar was birthed by Kenny Duckworth. He has been instrumental in the birth of his son’s career and even has credits for some of his work. Kenny rose to fame for being the father of the  34 year-old rap artist.

Though there isn’t much about Kenny, we do know that Kendrick Lamar, the first of his kids, has been certified platinum a couple of times. He has also had widespread popularity and recognition for songs such as To Pimp a Butterfly, Humble, and Loyalty featuring Rihanna.

Furthermore, something both father and son share in common is from the Damn album. Kendrick’s song Duckworth which happens to be his surname was inspired by his father.

Here are 10 Facts about Kenny Duckworth You Should Know

1. Who is Kenny Duckworth?

Kenny Duckworth was initially based in Chicago before he got hitched to Paula Oliver and they moved to Compton in 1984. This move happened before they began to have kids and he and his wife had to struggle to survive.

They initially wanted to move to San Bernardino but because his wife’s sister lived in Compton, they diverted. Kenny and Paula started off living in a motel paid for them by Tina, Paula’s sister before they could save enough to rent their own apartment. In between these periods, they slept in their car, different motels, and parking lots.

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They finally got an apartment on welfare and Section 8 Housing. This was where Kenny and Oliver raised their family.

2. He Reportedly Has about 5 Kids

Kenny Duckworth Son and wife 1
Paula Oliver and baby Kendrick. (Image Source)

With the inclusion of Kendrick, Kenny has about 5 kids with the rapper being the first of them. He was born on June 17, 1987, three years after his parents moved to California. Kendrick was about 7 years old before his parents increased the number of their family members.

The young rapper then welcomed two younger brothers and a younger sister. However, the name of his sister is the most known. She goes by the name Kayla and most sites report that she is the only other child of Kenny.

However, there are sites that claim Kendrick has an older brother who goes by the name Kenneth Jr. He is reportedly named after their father and is presently married to a woman named Sharon Kekana whom he resides in Chicago with.

3. Kenny Duckworth Worked at KFC

While in California, Kenny worked at KFC. He was a server at KFC and worked to keep his family afloat. However, this is reportedly one of the works he had to take in other to provide for his family.

4. Kenny was Able to Save his Life by Befriending a Notorious Gang Member

While working at KFC, Duckworth came in contact with a notorious robber and killer named Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith. According to Kenny’s son’s rendition of the story, his dad knew about Top Dawg’s exploits and so acted friendly to him.

The notorious robber had previously robbed KFC and even reportedly killed a couple of people in the process. Whenever Antony came to the restaurant, Kenny would give him free chicken and more biscuits.

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The extra’s actually did win Top Dawg over and when he went back to rob KFC again, he spared Kenny’s life.  However, years down the line, Kenny’s son became a rapper and got signed to Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith’s record label and blew them into stardom.

5. Kenny was Part of a Gang

Prior to Kenny and Paula’s move to Compton, Duckworth was said to have been a member of a gang. Duckworth was reportedly part of The Gangster Disciples. However, his wife got tired of that type of life and made him leave the life and town completely.

Oliver gave her husband an ultimatum and upon following it, they left Chicago with two bags of clothes and $500. Kenny wanted a better life for himself and his wife and so chose to start afresh somewhere else.

6. Duckworth was Instrumental to his Son’s Love for Rap

When Kendrick Lamar was barely 8 years old, he sat on the shoulder of his father and watched two rap icons. In his neighborhood, Dr. Dre and Tupac were shooting the video for the song California Love and this birthed Kendrick’s love for rap.

Watching the video shoot inspired him to pick up an interest in it. However, given that he was a very intelligent student, his class teacher introduced him to poetry, rhymes, and puns. This further expanded his love for writing lyrics and eventually rap.

7. In the Damn Album, the Duckworth Song was Inspired by him

From Kendrick’s fourth album comes the Duckworth song which was released on April 14, 2017. It was the fourteenth and last song on the album which is the true-life story of the rapper’s father. The story tells of Kenny’s encounter with Top Dawg when he worked at KFC.

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8. The father of 4 Kicked Out his Rapper Son from his House

Kendrick recalls that once when he was in high school, he was mixed with the wrong crowd and began to get involved in illegal business. Once, Paula found a bloodied hospital gown from his visit to the ER. Again, he was found crying in their front yard and it was later revealed that he had been shot.

The straw that broke Kenny and Oliver’s back was when the Police came looking for Lamar because he had gotten involved in an incident with their neighbors. After this, Kendrick was kicked out of the house for two days.

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9. He Protected his Children from his Rough Deals

Kenny Duckworth even after leaving Chicago, was still somehow involved in shady business. His son, during an interview once stated that he knew his father did not provide for them with only what he made off working in the restaurant.

In response to that, Paula’s husband admitted to haven done stuff but kept his kids away from knowing. He didn’t want them to know the type of businesses he was involved in. Both father and son admit that they never sat to talk about that time of their lives.

10. He is a Grandfather

Kendrick and fiance
Kendrick Lamar and fiance, Whitney. (Image Source)

Kendrick Lamar has been in a long-term relationship with his high-school sweetheart. They one-time got engaged but did not get married. The name of the sweetheart is Whitney Alford with whom he has a daughter who was born on the 26th of July 2019.

By virtue of this, Kenny Duckworth is a grandfather and certainly a proud one.

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