Kisan Mahapanchayat News: Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat and UP Assembly Election 2022: Is the Opposition launching ‘Mission UP’ in the guise of Rakesh Tikait?

Kisan Mahapanchayat News: Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat and UP Assembly Election 2022: Is the Opposition launching ‘Mission UP’ in the guise of Rakesh Tikait?
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Kisan Mahapanchayat News: Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat and UP Assembly Election 2022: Is the Opposition launching ‘Mission UP’ in the guise of Rakesh Tikait?

Kisan Mahapanchayat News: Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat and UP Assembly Election 2022: Is the Opposition launching ‘Mission UP’ in the guise of Rakesh Tikait?

Lucknow / Muzaffarnagar
Look somewhere, set a goal somewhere. In politics, sometimes things are not as straightforward as they seem. Muzaffarnagar, amidst the voices of the farmers ’panchayat in Jutland, much remains to be done. Indian Farmers Union leader Rakesh Tikait has been chanting slogans against the BJP government at the Center and in UP. Tikait is also called the beginning of Mission UP and Mission Desha. Mahapanchayat is also important as Assembly elections are going to be held in UP early next year. In such a scenario, there is also a question whether the opposition wants to start Mission UP with the help of Rakesh Tikait?

‘Until then, I will not accept flower garlands’
The meaning of Kisan Mahapanchayat in Jat Patta can be understood from the statement of Jayant Chaudhary, President of Rashtriya Lok Dal. In fact, during the Kisan Mahapanchayat, the administration did not allow Jayant Chaudhary to shower flowers from a helicopter. He tweeted, “I have worn many wreaths, people have given me a lot of love and respect. They wanted to greet and welcome the donors by showering flowers on them. In Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat, DM, ADG, City Magistrate, Principal Secretary and Chief Minister informed everyone but did not give permission! What is the threat to the government in the case of farmers? I wanted to show respect to the farmers by showering flowers from the helicopter. We will not be able to accept flower garlands until we take the place of a government whose rule cannot be showered with flowers! ”

navbharat timesOffensive statement for Chief Minister Yogi in Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat, also announcement against Prime Minister Modi
‘Jats-Jats-Muslims are coming on the same platform’
Siddharth Kalhans, a senior journalist with an in-depth understanding of UP’s political equations, says, In the Assembly elections, the RLD got one seat in the entire western Uttar Pradesh. Seats like Mathura and Baghpat were lost in the Lok Sabha elections. Jat farmers are mainly active in the peasant movement. By being active in this movement, Jayant Chaudhary has succeeded in getting closer to his main vote bank. In Western UP, Jats-Jats and Muslims are seen coming on the same platform. All three have a deep relationship with each other due to agriculture. The Jats are farmers, the Muslims have Mula Jats, they are farmers and the Jats working in their fields. To reduce the animosity between the Jats, the RLD organized a Dalit Sadbhavana Yatra there. By creating such a social equation, the opposition in Western UP has worked to strengthen itself.


navbharat timesKisan Mahapanchayat: If we stop, we will break the barrier … Today, in Muzaffarnagar, 300 farmers’ organizations will gather in the Mahapanchayat.

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Farmers’ water in Muzaffarnagar, electricity seen in Mahapanchayat, watch the video

Why is BJP taking this agitation lightly?
2014 Lok Sabha, 2017 UP Assembly and 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In the last three elections, Western UP has taken over the BJP. In such a situation, BJP cannot take the agitation of farmers against agricultural laws lightly. Sanjay Pandey, a senior journalist who keeps a close eye on UP politics, says, “The three elections in 2014, 2017 and 2019 showed that the BJP wiped out Western UP. The main reason behind this was the split in Jat-Muslim views. This was the core vote bank of RLD. Farmer leaders, mainly from the Jat community, understand that you cannot bend the BJP on the strength of the Jats alone. BJP’s strategists are not raw players. He felt that if the peasant movement had the support of the masses, he would have agreed to some of their demands. But the way the BJP is adamant about its position, as the SDM recently said in Karnal, Haryana, should be beheaded. No major action was taken against him. These things show that the BJP internally feels that this movement is the movement of some groups of farmers. Its roots are not deep and there is a movement of large farmers. This is the belief of BJP.


navbharat timesMuzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat: Muslim youth giving breakfast to farmers who reached Muzaffarnagar … The picture seems to be that the wounds of 2013 riots have now healed

‘The movement will spread from west to east and central Uttar Pradesh’
Political analysts believe that a new social equation is being born in Western UP. Senior journalist Siddharth Kalahans says, ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat is a link before the Assembly elections. We want to send a message from the West before the election and then the political implications and political message of this movement should spread across the state. For the next few days, farmers’ organizations have issued programs, a large part of which is also in eastern Uttar Pradesh, where such panchayats will be held. We will try to unite the anti-government sections on the question of farmers. It is working life-saving for RLD. The intention expressed by Jayant Chaudhary to shower flowers was that we are very much involved with the farmers, their advocates and we want to welcome them. RLD has an alliance with SP. Chandrasekhar Azad’s influential Azad Samaj Party also seems to have joined him. Mahan Dal is active in many districts of Western UP and Rohilkhand with which Maurya, Katchi, Kushwah, Kachwah, Shakya, Saini and Mahato castes belong. These are small farming communities. These are all either on the same platform or coming. This has definitely strengthened the opposition front and is a big challenge for the BJP. In the next few days, the movement will move from the west to eastern and central UP.

Farmer 3

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How successful Kisan Mahapanchayat is is important
On the question of whether the Mahapanchayat will give impetus to the UP campaign, senior journalist Sanjay Pandey says, ‘Now we have to see how successful this Kisan Mahapanchayat is. Because in western Uttar Pradesh, Gathwala Khap, Baliyan Khap, Battisi Khap, Malik Khap are all coming on the same platform. Secondly, are Muslims also involved? With the exception of Rakesh Tikait and Naresh Tikait, the tone of the leaders speaking in the Mahapanchayat will be important. How many other Khap leaders speak against BJP. If there is a consensus and the nationwide movement is announced with one voice and a large number of farmers gather, it will definitely put pressure on the BJP. Because its message will spread far and wide from western UP to eastern Uttar Pradesh. Not only UP but it will also go outside UP. We should not forget that Rakesh Tikait also went to West Bengal. The government tried to convey the message that it was anti-farmer. There are elections next year. Successful Mahapanchayat, participation of Muslims, participation of all Khaps and opposition to agricultural laws with one voice from the platform. If these things come up, it will put pressure not only on the Jat leaders of the BJP in Western UP, but also on the BJP. Although agricultural laws have not been repealed, in such cases, the government may decide to consider and amend those laws.

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