Know The Benefit Of Yoga In Daily Life – Achieve a High-Efficient Lifestyle with Yoga to Make Your Body, Mind and Soul Happy

Know The Benefit Of Yoga In Daily Life – Achieve a High-Efficient Lifestyle with Yoga to Make Your Body, Mind and Soul Happy
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Know The Benefit Of Yoga In Daily Life – Achieve a High-Efficient Lifestyle with Yoga to Make Your Body, Mind and Soul Happy

Know The Benefit Of Yoga In Daily Life – Achieve a High-Efficient Lifestyle with Yoga to Make Your Body, Mind and Soul Happy

Dr. Binita Priyambada – Senior Consultant, Medical Team,

Whether it is your fitness goals or your pursuit of getting closer to spirituality, yoga can be an effective therapy for your every need. The popularity of yoga and its influence are both increasing continuously and to spread it more and more, International Yoga Day is being celebrated on 21st June all over the world.

The name of this system is derived from the Sanskrit word “Uji” and literally means to join or join. Yoga is a 5000 year old practice that brings together the mind, body and spirit. Yoga was born in northern India and since then it has continued to grow. Most countries around the world have found yoga extremely helpful for physical and mental health and have also incorporated it into their health and fitness activities. But in recent years, western countries have come to know as a great benefit of yoga that it improves overall health and keeps us happy. From Vladimir Putin doing Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) to the American people achieving relaxation through Hatha Yoga, everyone around the world has recognized the benefits of this therapy.

Effects of yoga on mental and physical health
Yoga is an ancient Indian practice. Its importance is more than asanas and pranayama. Yoga literally stands for yogis whose aim is to attain divinity. In modern times, the importance of yoga has increased tremendously as a form of therapy, fitness, mental alertness and a peaceful lifestyle. People who practice it regularly are not only successful in feeling better and losing weight, but for them it has also become an effective means of avoiding or reducing the negative effects of their diseases. We tried to find out more by looking at the clinical trials to confirm the benefits of yoga, which are mentioned here:

Yoga for Mental Health: Yoga is believed to be able to reduce mental stress and provide mental and physical relaxation. Doing yoga for just 15 minutes a day releases the hormones cortisol and catecholamines, which fight stress along with creating energy in the body through “fight or flight” syndrome.

Doing yoga regularly helps people to improve their attitude towards stress and good health. However, there are no conclusive results that prove that practicing yoga can reduce the effects and symptoms of stress-induced mental disorders.

Yoga for Heart Diseases: Yoga is a good physical activity if you want to improve the health of your heart and lungs. According to a study, people who practice yoga have lower blood pressure and pulse rate than those who do not do yoga. Yoga will improve the supply of oxygen to your body, increase work productivity at home and office, improve anaerobic threshold and blood lactate. Practicing yoga along with medicines helps in reducing blood pressure. Interestingly, doing yoga for just one hour a day will be as effective as any medical therapy in controlling blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Yoga has been proven to be beneficial in some other areas as well, but more research will be needed to prove that yoga is a definite treatment/prevention for heart diseases.

Yoga for Arthritis: Yoga is also known to be a beneficial practice for people suffering from various physical and mental problems associated with arthritis. Regular yoga practice helps in improving the functioning of the joints. Along with this, it becomes easier to sleep while reducing physical stress. Doing yoga also provides relief from recurring joint pain. Although studies on the effects of yoga in controlling pain are few, practicing modified Iyengar yoga for 90 minutes daily has shown clear results in arthritis patients. But my advice would be that people suffering from arthritis should practice yoga only under the guidance of a trained yoga trainer.

Yoga for PCOS: PCOS is a less serious condition and its effects can be reduced by adopting a healthy and clean lifestyle. The benefits of practicing yoga while having PCOS have been supported in various studies. Doing yoga during low stress levels opens up the pelvic area of ​​the body and provides relief. There are many asanas for women suffering from PCOS that help them to lose about 5-10% of their weight and due to this their menstrual cycle becomes regular.

Yoga is a safe and less-effective procedure for people suffering from the above conditions. Despite this, you should always practice yoga under the supervision of an expert. At the same time, if you want to practice yoga to get control of any of your problems, then do not stop your medical treatment or stop going to your doctor.

There are many yoga exercises and combinations of yoga poses that you can try, depending on your fitness level. But by adopting yoga as a replacement for your practical treatment, you can get away with the care you need. Yoga is a helpful activity for a highly effective and active life.

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