know what is metaverse who will change facebook

know what is metaverse who will change facebook
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know what is metaverse who will change facebook

know what is metaverse who will change facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company will grow from a mere social media company to a “metaverse company” and work on the “embedded internet” in which the real and virtual world are more aligned than ever before. Will happen. Talking about changing the direction of Facebook, which is used by nearly three billion people, will have some meaning.

What is “Metaverse” after all?: Humans have developed many technologies to activate their senses, from audio speakers to television, video games and virtual reality. In the future we may also develop devices that activate other senses, such as touch or smell. Many terms have been given for these technologies, but there is not a single popular term that can best describe the combination of the physical world and the virtual world.

Words like ‘internet’ and ‘cyberspace’ refer to places we see through screens. But these terms do not fully describe the Internet’s Virtual Reality (3D Game World or Virtual City) or Augmented Reality or Augmented Reality (Navigation Overlay or Pokémon Go), etc.

The term metaverse was first used by science fiction author Neil Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. Many similar words have been invented from novels. For example, in 1982, the term ‘cyberspace’ came from a book by William Gibson. The term ‘robot’ originated from a play by Karel Kapek in 1920. The ‘Metaverse’ comes in this category.

Who will benefit from the Metaverse?: If you read a lot about big tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft then you might realize that modern evolutions in technology are inevitable and in this category comes the origin of metaverse. We can no longer stop thinking about the impact these technologies will have on our society, politics and culture.

The ‘metaverse’ vision is encouraging for Facebook and other large companies as it creates opportunities for new markets, new types of social networks, new consumer electronics and new patents.

In today’s cosmic world, most of us are facing problems like the extinction of various species due to an epidemic, a climate-related disaster or human beings. We are also struggling to understand how we can live a good life with the technologies we have adopted (mobile devices, social media and global connectivity causing unwanted effects like anxiety and stress).

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