Kovid’s impact on the moth business has disappeared from the market

Kovid’s impact on the moth business has disappeared from the market
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Kovid’s impact on the moth business has disappeared from the market

Kovid’s impact on the moth business has disappeared from the market

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New Delhi, Aug 13 (PTI) Kite flying is a tradition in and around the national capital to celebrate Independence Day, but it seems to have been affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Kite markets are decorated in two parts of Delhi every year before August 15, but this time the market is sluggish, shops are scarce, traders from other states are not coming and customers are also absent.

Shopkeepers claim that their business has come down by 70 per cent due to Kovid Saathi and there are no customers in the market. Fearing a third wave of epidemics, the administration’s austerity measures will force shops to close soon, affecting business as well.

The Lal Kuan area of ​​Old Delhi has been adorned with a large number of kite shops before August 15 for about 60-70 years. People from far flung parts of Delhi used to come here to buy kites, spinning wheels, kites, etc. to fly kites, but this time the market is missing and there are fewer shops than in previous years.

Traders say that traders from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan who come to Old Delhi every year to set up shop in Kovid did not come this time, so the number of shops has halved. Some traders have come from other states. Kite market in Jafrabad area, but they have not invested much.

Himanshu, owner of Bishchand & Sons, a 40-year-old kite shop in Lal Kuan, told Bhasha, “Kovid-19 has affected about 70 per cent of the business. They didn’t come this time because people didn’t have the money because economic events stopped.

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He said, “Traders do not want to invest money in this work, because kite flying is a hobby and only if a person has money will he fulfill his hobby. That is why only a few shopkeepers have come from outside Delhi this time.

According to Himanshu, before the Kovid epidemic, parents used to come to pick up kites and scorpions for their children, but after the epidemic, the situation is completely reversed. Now neither the children nor their parents are coming.

Sachin Gupta, deputy head of the Small Handloom Kite Industry Committee, said, “Before Kovid, there were about 100 shops in the Lal Kuan area. There are only 40-45 shops at the moment. He says the Kovid epidemic has dampened kite-flying enthusiasm on August 15. The market was crowded a few days before Independence Day, the shops were huge, but the number of shops set up this time is staggering.

Gupta says a big reason for this is to close the market at eight o’clock at night, as people going to the office would go out for shopping at night, but this is not possible due to the guidelines related to Kovid.

However, Siraj, who lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan, has come to Jafrabad to set up a kite shop. He says he, along with his father for almost 20 years, comes here every year before August 15 to set up a kite shop. He said that in the past he used to make good profits, but in the past and this time too, the situation is not good from a business point of view. According to him, incoming customers do not buy much kites and charkhas.

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Ehtisham, another trader from the area, has started a kite business by renting a shop for Rs 15,000 for a fortnight. He says he had paid Rs 50,000 in the shop but to date no goods worth Rs 10,000 have been sold. “I’m worried I might get my money back.”

Meanwhile, Harish, 35, who lives in New Shahdara, said he works as an accountant in a company and did not receive a salary during the lockdown. Although his job is safe. He says that since childhood he used to fly kites on 15th August and this time too he had a mind to fly kites, but he has reduced his hobby budget. Harish said that this time he is buying only 50 kites and will use the old kite and the rest of last year’s wires.

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