Kriti Sanon Kangana Ranaut mm: Kriti Sanon Kangana flew to Ranaut’s praise, saying- This is a very sweet gesture

Kriti Sanon Kangana Ranaut mm: Kriti Sanon Kangana flew to Ranaut’s praise, saying- This is a very sweet gesture
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Kriti Sanon Kangana Ranaut mm: Kriti Sanon Kangana flew to Ranaut’s praise, saying- This is a very sweet gesture

Kriti Sanon Kangana Ranaut mm: Kriti Sanon Kangana flew to Ranaut’s praise, saying- This is a very sweet gesture

Known for her energetic and hit films in Bollywood, Kriti Sanon is currently in the news for her new film ‘Mimi’. The role of Surrogate Mother in the film will soon be seen in ‘Bhedia’ and ‘Bachchan Pandey’. Kriti spoke openly with Navbharat Times about her career films and various issues.

Why is Kriti ready to play the role of a fit and glamorous actress pregnant woman like you?
When the story touches your heart in one line, you are inspired to roll. We are all greedy in terms of artist characters. One line of the story is that the number one dancer in the mandava dreams of becoming a heroine. A foreign couple arrives and gives her a surrogacy in exchange for money and she takes a shortcut. Then, under some circumstances, the foreign couple leaves the child in his womb. What will happen to him now? To be honest, we actresses rarely get a story like ‘Mimi’ and we should catch it when it comes.
navbharat timesPankaj Tripathi stumbles in Mimi’s trailer, Kriti Sanon stuck as ‘Mom’Would you have had a better chance of breaking all the rules of dieting under the pretext of gaining 15 kg for the character?
Honestly, the whole process was the opposite for me. I have never dieted. My metabolism is very good. I eat pizza, burgers, dal makhani, butter chicken, rajma rice all. Now when it came to gaining 15kg, the problem was that I had to eat more, which led to weight gain. Janhvi, the dietitian assigned to me, was herself pregnant. I had to eat a lot even when I was not hungry. At one point I started to feel nauseous and I started begging. The dietitian strictly forbade me to do yoga and exercise. At that time my director Laxman Sir used to send food hampers home. Every third day they had to take photos or make video calls to give updates on weight gain. My joints also started to ache after gaining 15kg in 3 months. Then I started eating so many sweets that I started craving sugar. Nani was remembered for losing weight.

What do you think about the ban on commercial surrogacy in India?
Our film is based on the background of 2015. In fact our film is inspired by a true incident, where a foreign couple refuses to take a child from a surrogate mother. I believe that surrogacy is a virtuous act, which prevents parents from becoming parents. But I think it is in the interest of both parties. Neither side can exploit anyone. Such laws were introduced to protect women from exploitation, as Gujarat was once known as a baby factory. Women were repeatedly becoming surrogate mothers for their subsistence and then the laws had to be tightened.
navbharat timesKriti Sanon was offered the role of Tapsi Pannu in ‘Haseen Dilruba’?On the recent demise of Dilip Kumar, you spoke on social media about giving space to those close to him. Do you believe that people today sit behind the Twitter handle and say anything?
I would say that social media has increased negativity. Sometimes you can help people positively, as I have done, to help people. During Corona’s havoc, social media came in very handy for those tasks if anyone wanted blood or beds. It just so happens that every moment news comes on the internet and people react. It sometimes shows the mindset of the people how backward we are. I don’t think trolling should be taken too seriously. There is a block button on social media and it should be pressed when needed. If there is anti-woman trolling, the media should also condemn it.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut wrote a post praising you after watching the trailer of your film. How did you feel
I loved it when Kangana complimented me. Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam and Arjun complimented me so it felt good. This is very inspiring when your fellow artists appreciate your work. Increase your courage. When I see someone’s good work, I am happy and a voice comes from within me to tell him. This is a very sweet gesture.
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How was it with an artist like Pankaj Tripathi?
This is my third film with him. The chemistry with them has changed. I have previously worked with him in ‘Barely Ki Barfi’ and ‘Luka Chupi’. People loved his father-daughter relationship in ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’. You will not be able to define the relationship between his character Bhanu and my character Mimi. Can’t tell if they are siblings or friends or do they have some romantic angle? But you will definitely see their relationship as human. He is very generous as a fellow artist.
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After Sushant Singh went to Rajput last year, did you handle that unfortunate incident very cleverly?
Honestly, I don’t want to talk about that topic right now, I don’t think I’m using that incident for my film. I don’t think so.
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