Kunj Bansal on Airtel View: Kunj Bansal: Can you invest in Airtel for a long time?

Kunj Bansal on Airtel View: Kunj Bansal: Can you invest in Airtel for a long time?
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Kunj Bansal on Airtel View: Kunj Bansal: Can you invest in Airtel for a long time?

Kunj Bansal on Airtel View: Kunj Bansal: Can you invest in Airtel for a long time?

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Kunj Bansal’s opinion on Airtel: The stock market has risen 10-11 per cent in the last 30 trading sessions. Now if the stock market is weak, more investors can invest in the market. Kunvi Bansal, CIO of Karvi Capital, says there are still investment opportunities in the stock market. Regarding the current state of the stock market and future movements, Kunj Bansal says the Nifty rose 9 per cent in August. The Nifty has risen 3 percent in the last week alone. No wonder the market remains stable for the next few days.

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Buy shares of CAMS
In every phase of the stock market boom, there are some stocks that do not participate in the market boom. In addition, there have been reports that investors have shown maximum interest in the stock market in August. This is good news for listed and unlisted mutual funds. Stock market valuations can be discussed, but CAMS may prove to be a great option for investing.

Long-term bets
For investors who have missed out on buying lows in Bharti Airtel shares, Kunj Bansal suggests that Bharti Airtel could be a great bet in the long run. Many telecom market experts believe that after the closure of Vodafone Idea Limited, Geo and Bharti Airtel will enter the telecom business. This could prove to be a positive for Bharti Airtel.

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It’s dangerous to have two companies
Kunj Bansal believes that having only two companies in the telecom sector is not good news for Bharti Airtel. This is because Reliance Jio is home to a huge economic powerhouse. If there are three companies in the telecom sector in the country, two of them can contact the government and request for consideration of an issue. The government has to listen to them. In this regard, it would be good to have at least three private companies in the country’s telecom market. This will prove to be better for both Bharti Airtel and Vodafone.

Investment in Bharti stocks
If we talk about Bharti Airtel shares, those who feel that they have lost the opportunity to invest in Bharti Airtel should not invest in Bharti Airtel shares for a while. Shares of Bharti Airtel have risen sharply in the last few days and this investment could be risky in the short term. Bharti Airtel’s shares have risen sharply since the announcement of its rights issue. Shares have risen even after Sunil Mittal’s statement on Bharti Airtel’s growth plans.

Long-term bets
Bharti Airtel is trying to compete in the telecom market in many ways. Although there are two or three companies in the country’s telecom market, it is certain that the prices of telecom services will go up in the coming days. Accordingly, Bharti Airtel could be the right bet for long-term investors. Investing in shares of Bharti Airtel can be risky in the short run.

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