Lalita Pawar’s Eyes Were Damaged By This Slap

Lalita Pawar’s Eyes Were Damaged By This Slap
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Lalita Pawar’s Eyes Were Damaged By This Slap

Lalita Pawar’s Eyes Were Damaged By This Slap

New Delhi. Actress Lalita Pawar is one of the most popular actresses of the 40s of the Hindi cinema world. He was born on 18 April 1961. Lalita Pawar has worked from big screen to small screen. There was a time when Lalita Pawar was also known for her charming style, but an accident changed her whole life. Let us tell you some unheard things related to Lalita Pawar today.

Actress born outside temple

Lalita Pawar was born on 18 April 1916. The special thing is that he was not born in any hospital but in Amba temple of Indore. It is said that when Lalita was about to be born. Then his mother had gone to the temple at the behest of the people. As soon as she reached the temple, she felt pain in her stomach and gave birth to her daughter Lalita in the temple itself. She named her baby girl born in the temple Ambika, but after some time her name was changed to Lalita Pawar. Lalita’s father was a contractor. He did not like girls to study at all, so he did not teach them.

Started film career with child artist

Lalita Pawar started her acting career as a child artist. It is said that once Lalita Pawar had gone to see the shooting of a film with her family members. Where the director caught his eye and he immediately selected Lalita Pawar for his film. At first, Lalita Pawar’s father had problems with her work, but later the director persuaded her a lot. After which Lalita Pawar’s father told her yes to work.

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Accident changed my whole life

Lalita Pawar worked in many superhit films in the Hindi cinema world. After some time Lalita Pawar made her name in the industry. Lalita Pawar’s career was going very well. Actually, Lalita Pawar was shooting for Jung-e-Azadi in 1947. She was working with Bhagwan Dada in this film. While shooting the scene, Dada had to slap Lalita Pawar. During the scene, Bhagwan Dada slapped Lalita Pawar so strongly that she fell on the ground.

Right eye got damaged due to medicine

The entire film unit got scared seeing Lalita Pawar falling on the ground. The cow called the doctor on the set. The doctor gave him medicine. It is said that the medicine was given by the doctor. She started to have the opposite effect on him. Gradually his right side was paralyzed. With time Lalita Pawar recovered but her right eye shrunk. After which she stopped getting the role of actress in films.

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Popular for the character of Manthara

The effect of Lalita Pawar’s loss of eyes was clearly visible on her career. After which she turned from beautiful heroine to cruel mother-in-law. Lalita Pawar started getting negative characters in films. In which the driving mother-in-law was seen in the role of the villain. Then he was offered the role of Manthara in his serial Ramayana by famous director Ramanand Sagar. After which he was seen on TV. Even today Lalita Pawar is considered the best in the role of Manthara.

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