Late Night Won’t Let Trump’s Legal Team Forget Sidney Powell So Easily

By | November 24, 2020
Late Night Won’t Let Trump’s Legal Team Forget Sidney Powell So Easily

Late Night time Received’t Let Trump’s Authorized Workforce Neglect Sidney Powell So Simply

“Sure, she doesn’t work with them in any respect. It’s only a coincidence that in Giuliani’s two-hour press convention, she was onstage your entire time. It’s a easy mix-up. They invited Sidney Powell, however they meant to ask Sidney Powell Whole Landscaping.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“And in the event you thought Rudy was bonkers, this woman is crazier than a cereal mascot.” — SETH MEYERS

“Yeah, she acquired kicked off Trump’s authorized crew for being too loopy. That’s like getting kicked off of ‘Actual Housewives’ for being too loopy.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Right here’s how huge of a humiliation she was to the Trump crew: The man who held a press convention subsequent to a intercourse store, and final week had hair dye working down his face and who wears loafers that seem like clown footwear — that man? Nonetheless on the crew.” — JAMES CORDEN

“Critically, you understand how nuts it’s a must to be when Rudy Giuliani’s head begins leaking and also you’re the one who will get fired?” — JIMMY FALLON

“Man, you’ve acquired to be fairly loopy if Rudy Giuliani thinks you’re a legal responsibility: ‘Sorry, Ms. Powell, however you’re a free cannon. Now, in the event you’ll excuse me, I’m late for a press convention the place I say Joe Biden is the Hamburglar.’” — SETH MEYERS

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