Laxmi Agarwal Before Acid Attack Unseen Pics

Laxmi Agarwal Before Acid Attack Unseen Pics
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Laxmi Agarwal Before Acid Attack Unseen Pics

Laxmi Agarwal Before Acid Attack Unseen Pics

New Delhi. Cinema is also called the mirror of society. Often films based on social issues are made in the film industry. Some time ago the film ‘Chhapaak’ was made on the life of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. In which actress Deepika Padukone played the role of Lakshmi. It was shown in the film that because of one sided love, just throwing acid on a 15-year-old girl, her life is ruined. Today we will show you some unseen pictures of Lakshmi. In which their innocence and beauty will win your heart.


Accident with Laxmi Agarwal at the age of 15

Laxmi Agarwal belonged to a normal family. She was also very smart in studies. At the same time, his mother used to work from house to house. It is said that Lakshmi’s father and brother had already passed away due to some disease. Where Lakshmi lived. A person living there started liking Lakshmi. Which had grown a lot in his age. He often tried to talk to Lakshmi on the way to school.

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accident in the year 2005

At the same time, when the person saw that Lakshmi was not showing interest in him. In the year 2005, when Lakshmi was standing at a bus stand. Then the man threw acid on his face. Lakshmi’s face was completely scorched in this accident. When this accident happened with Lakshmi. She was only 15 years old.

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There was no happiness in married life

In the midst of these ups and downs in her life, Lakshmi met a man named Alok Dixit. Who ran an NGO. Only acid attack victims used to work in that NGO and earn money. Gradually, the proximity between Lakshmi and Alok started increasing and both of them started loving each other. After some time both decided to get married. After marriage, both had a daughter. Whom he named Pihu. You will be very surprised to know that Alok and Lakshmi separated shortly after the birth of their daughter.

But even after all these troubles, Lakshmi did not give up and even today she is campaigning against acid attack. Laxmi is also very active on social media. Where she teaches other women to be strong.

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