Legend of Shang-chi and the Ten Rings Review in Hindi, Rating: 3.0 / 5

Legend of Shang-chi and the Ten Rings Review in Hindi, Rating: 3.0 / 5
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Legend of Shang-chi and the Ten Rings Review in Hindi, Rating: 3.0 / 5

Legend of Shang-chi and the Ten Rings Review in Hindi, Rating: 3.0 / 5

‘Shang-chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings’, released in Indian cinemas on Friday, September 3, is Marvel’s first film starring an Asian star (Simu Liu). Fans of Marvel Comics know who Shang Chi is. But they don’t know what his past was like? The first Marvel film depicts Shang’s past based on the character, and this aspect of the story is interesting for Marvel character fans. The performance of Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings has brought a wave of joy for superhero lovers after the second wave of Corona in open cinemas with huge Starcast Hindi films like Bell Bottom and Face. The film has been screened in India in four languages ​​namely English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.

The story of this film depicts a relationship of the past, wrapped in sorrow and pain. However, the story begins with a quarrel between two quiet friends, Sean (Simu Liu) and Katie (Avakwafina). These two close friends are engrossed in their family and car parking jobs when an earthquake strikes their lives when armed people with some magical powers want to snatch the locket of the scene. As Shawn fights to save his locket, bus passenger and Katie, his true identity is revealed to be a superhero, not an ordinary boy. From there, Sean is forced to face his past, which he left behind ten years ago. In fact, ten years later, Sean gets a call from his father (Tony Leung), who is not only the leader of the Ten Rings, but a brave warrior with miraculous powers who lived for hundreds of years. He grabbed Sean, Katie, and his sister to bring home his wife and Sean’s dead mother. Sean realizes that his father, blinded by his mother’s temptations, is on the path to evil and is about to destroy his mother’s village and open the door to the evil that is causing the destruction of all mankind. Can Sean save the world from destruction by bringing his father back to the path of righteousness? You have to watch movies to know this.

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Marvel Studios has always been a master at superheroes, but this season when its two web series ‘Wanda Vision’ and ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ ​​did not attract fans enough, the studio turned to another comic book, Superhero. The protagonist brought in Shang Chi and there is no doubt that director Destin Daniel Creighton has served the culture, civilization, mythological values ​​and martial arts of the East well. The father-son duality is the focal point of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) films and is capitalized on here as well. In the first half of the film, while fighting with the hand of modern martial arts, after a while, when the story moves to the magical village of Sean’s mother, the audience can’t be bothered by the scenes. Creighton, along with Dave Callaham, weaves an emotional story into the back story, but those feelings don’t move that way. The climax of the film is strong in terms of fight and visuals, but the pace of the film is very fast. Yes, this story has come alive on screen with the cinematography of William Pope. The music of the film is useful to carry the story forward.

The chemistry of Simu Liu and Aquafina shines through the screen which shows platonic love. Simu Liu has a great portrayal of the transformation from a normal child to a superhero. His innocence and agility is worth watching. The iconic Tony Leung maintains charisma as a mighty villain. It’s a lot of fun to see these two in a fight sequence as a tough dad with son Simo. Its juxtaposition with the fruit chain looks good. Michelle Yeo has been cast in a minor role.

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Look at- Fans of Marvel characters and first Asian superheroes eager to learn can watch this movie.

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