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Line of Duty fans go wild as ‘definately’ reappears tipping Ted Hastings as H – before cliff hanger 

Line of Duty fans go wild as’definitely’ reappears tipping Ted Hastings as H – before cliff hanger 

Season six of Line Of Duty has abandoned fans with more questions than answers, together with audiences linking to Twitter to question just what will be DCI Jo Davidson is upto, if Kate Fleming has left AC-1 2 and that is H? )

Here, MailOnline assesses some of probably the very prominent fan notions

Kate Fleming has not abandoned AC-1 2 and can be working   

One of probably the strangest discoveries was AC-1-2’s Kate is currently dealing together with a fresh team- using a handful fans indicating she may be the infamous H.

While conversing for her fresh gaffer DCI Davidson, Kate said:’I have fed up on nicking coppers, I had preferably go after the psycho who killed Gail [Vella].’

But seeming convinced in her new character, a few audiences were left wondering why when everything had been it sounds and also theorised that Kate may continue to be under cover for AC-1 2.

Shortly afterwards she leaned off Davidson and lacked the anger of Ted Hastings, fans have lasted to take a position that she’s really deep undercover that Hastings is being forced to maintain her true schedule secret.   

Kate Fleming has not abandoned AC-1 2 and can be working : Can it be authentic? The jury is out with this particular

DCI Jo Davidson continues to be blackmailed by an Organised Crime Group  

Jo has recently survived a grilling from AC-1 2’s top team and seemed to clean her name as it had been ex-girl-friend PS Farida Jatri who seemed to have participate in corruption.

But, Jo had been seen a ride using known bent aluminum Ryan Pilkington and chose to amass a cell phone phone, making her appearance suspicious .

Fans, but are of the opinion that the DCI will be blackmailed by an OCG, after her emotional outburst if she had been summoned to grab a fresh burner.

DCI Jo Davidson will be blackmailed by an Organised Crime Group: Can it be authentic? After her car-park outburst it sounds increasingly possible

DCI Jo Davidson’s mum is Anne-Marie McGillis

Fans guessed who Jo’s mum might possibly be later she had been observed in a picture in the very first incident.

Most theorised her mum has some thing todo with season-five personality John Corbett’s [Stephen Graham] mommy Anne-Marie McGillis, that was murdered by an Irish Republican paramilitary set sometime later 1989.

DCI Jo Davidson’s mum is Anne-Marie McGillis: Can it be authentic? There isn’t enough evidence yet to find out on the other  

Gail Vella remains residing

even though season half has focused round the murder of journalist Gail Vella, yet another vague theory is the fact that she actually is infact alive.  

Craig Parkinson, who played with Matthew’Dot’ Cottan from the series, according to BBC Sounds podcast enthusiastic about Line of Duty:’Someone is at that level and there is some experience of Gail Vella, the investigative journalist.

‘that you do not throw somebody such as Andi Osho and just have her as little magazine prints and then stick them through to a kitchen wall’

Sarah Millican – that appeared on the podcast – proceeded onto indicate Vella may possibly have turned into a former enthusiast of DCI Davidson’s.

Gail Vella remains living: Can it be authentic? It appears improbable that the scale of authorities corruption is really huge they can pretend a murder victim

DC Chloe Bishop is Tony Gates’ girl

Bishop is just one of AC-1 2’s newest recruits, also as Gates along with his wife Jools had 2 brothers, Natalie and Chloe, audiences have indicated that their shared name’can not be a believer’.

Gates’ daughter has been seen in season one in 2012, so she would be roughly the same era as Bishop remains currently.

Fans have implied that Bishop either chose her mum’s maiden name or the name of a measure -dad, to ensure her identity remains a secret – for today.

Gates expired by the ending of first season if he walked in to a crowded road following a confession from gang leader Tommy Hunter, who have been blackmailing the officer into covering their criminal actions.

DC Chloe Bishop is Tony Gates’ girl: Can it be authentic? The dates and facts lineup, however there is stilln’t enough to write off it as a shame only yet 

DCI Jo Davidson’s puzzle blood comparative is…?

When it was shown that Jo’s DNA matched somebody onto the Police National Computer,” fans speculated that could possibly be.

The predominant theories implied Davidson’s comparative was Tommy Hunter,” of show two and one, Mike Dryden of show 2, John Corbett of show five, or even Derek Hilton, murdered off at string four.

Tommy Hunter has been that the pioneer of that the OCG in sooner show of the series, and a paedophile. His personality is dead.

Mike Dryden, the former Deputy Chief Constable, was seen resigning from his article to get perverting the path of Just Ice in string . His Scottish connections additionally indicate he can possibly be associated with Davidson.

John Corbett had been a under cover cop series five that had his throat slit, leaving a wife, two brothers, and also a mysterious connect to a lady, Anne-Marie, whom fans claim might likewise be Davidson’s mum.

Derek Hilton has been a Chief Superintendent and afterwards the Assistant Chief Constable of Central Police. He had been likewise covertly correlated with organized offense. He had been taken at the mouth at a staged suicide season four.

Additional hints were Gill Biggeloe,” Jackie Laverty, Lindsay Denton or even Terry Boyle. 

When it was shown that Jo’s DNA matched somebody onto the Police National Computer,” fans speculated that could possibly be. Scottish Mike Dryden was seen resigning from his article for perverting the class of Just Ice in string two

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