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Lisa Rinna talks daughter Amelia Hamlin dating Scott Disick in RHOBH trailer

Lisa Rinna talks daughter Amelia Hamlin dating Scott Disick in RHOBH trailer

‘He is too damn old and now he has three children!’ Lisa Rinna FINALLY addresses daughter Amelia, 1 9, dating Scott Disick, 3-7, in volatile RHOBH trailer

  • Scott Disick, 3-7, also Amelia Hamlin, 1 9, were linked last October
  • Amelia’s mommy Lisa Rinna, 5 7, speeches the love in the latest RHOBH trailer for season 1 1
  • ‘He is too damn old… and he has got three children!’ Bellows pal Kyle Richards, as mommy Lisa yells back in deal with her’I understand!’ 

It is a love with a suspicious 18-year age-gap which features plenty of folk talking.  

But today Lisa Rinna is now having her state, as she handles her daughter Amelia Hamlin, 1 9, dating that the much-older Scott Disick, 3-7, in the second season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

At a teaser for season 11,” Lisa, 5 7, is observed having a face-time telephone from her daughter Amelia who informs her she’s spending some time with her’friend’ Scott – who’s three kids – Mason, 1 1, Reign, 6, along with Penelope, 8, – together with his eldest partner Kourtney Kardashian, 4 1.

Say what now? Lisa Rinna, 57, is seen taking a FaceTime call from daughter Amelia, 19, who tells her she's going on a date with Scott Disick, 37, who she calls her 'friend'

Say what today? Lisa Rinna, 5 7, is observed having a face-time telephone from daughter Amelia, 1 9, who informs her she is going to romantic date together with Scott Disick, 3-7, who calls her’friend’ 

‘He is too damn old… and he has three children!’ Bellows pal Kyle Richards, as mommy Lisa yells back in deal with her’I understand!’ 

It seems if Lisa is worried with the romantic relationship, because she awakens on her behalf house wives co stars to discuss the love in an impending spectacle by the series. 

Lisa was largely silent on this issue of her or his daughter Amelia dating Scott, just referencing the love in jest on her behalf societal media marketing. 

Whether she likes it or not: Scott Disick, 37, is dating Rinner's daughter Amelia Hamlin, 19 (the pair pictured above just this month in Miami)

Whether she likes it or maybe not: Scott Disick, 3-7, is dating Rinner’s daughter Amelia Hamlin, 1 9 (the group pictured previously only this month ) in Miami) 

weekly, the fact superstar joked about the truth that they were seen lately wearing bucket hats. ) ‘Welp we seem to share some love of bucket hats,”’ Lisa composed along side the pic of the or him Scott. 

As scenes from RHOBH were first filmed, the association between the group are growing from strength to strength together with accounts flying they are even contemplating transferring in together in Miami, Florida.   

Scott and Amelia were linked past October if these were spotted together in Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party. 

Every mother's worst nightmare? Lisa reacts to the news about Scott

Each mother’s worst nightmare? Lisa responds to this headlines about Scott 

'He's too damn old!' Lisa is later seen discussing the 18-year-gap between lothario Scott and her daughter

‘He is too damn old!’ Lisa is later seen talking the 18-year-gap between lothario Scott along with her daughter 

They moved Insta-gram official around valentine’s this season, also Amelia called Scott her’dream man’ later the identical month. 

Amelia previously dated Mercer Wiederhorn, also Scott’s past partnership with Kourtney remains a story on maintaining With The Kardashians since he coparents his three kids with the fact celebrity.

The previous couple obsolete for almost ten years before calling it quits in the relationship in 2015, following their three kids together.

Scott was recently connected to Lionel Richie’s daughter sofia-richie, 2-2.  

Will he be a winner with Rinna? Lisa breaks the news to the ladies that daughter Amelia, 19, is dating Scott Disick, 37

Can he be considered a success together with Rinna? ) Lisa divides the information into the women that daughter Amelia, 1 9, is dating Scott Disick, 3-7

Tense table setting: Elsewhere in the explosive trailer, Erika is questioned by the Housewives over her divorce and legal drama

Tense dining table placing: Elsewhere in the volatile trailer, Erika is contested by the racket during her divorce and legal play


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