Mahek Chahal out of KKK 11

Mahek Chahal out of KKK 11
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Mahek Chahal out of KKK 11

Mahek Chahal out of KKK 11

In Rohit Shetty’s stunt-based reality show ‘Khatroon Ke Khiladi 11’, actress Mahek Chahal was eliminated this week. Mehek was doing all the stunts with great courage, but one mistake ruined the whole game and she dropped out of the show.

In the episode that aired on Sunday, August 15, the contestants who were frightened had to do some elimination work. Anushka Sen and Mehak Chahal were finally released in the task. As part of the work, both of them wanted to go to a dark room, where there were lots of birds, snakes, crocodiles and other insects. Anushka somehow completes this stunt with fear.

But when it was Mehak Chahal’s turn, he refused to do it. He told Rohit Shetty that he could handle any kind of insects from snakes, but not birds. Even after Rohit Shetty’s explanation, Mehek Chahal did not agree to do the stunt.

As a result, Mehak Chahal dropped out of ‘Khatroon Ke Khiladi 11’ this week due to work stoppage. Earlier, Saurabh Raj Jain and Astha Gill had walked out of the show. Nikki Tamboli was also out of ‘Khatroon Ke Khiladi 11’, although she came back later, which caused a lot of anger on social media.

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