Mahesh Bhatt Parveen Babi Controversial Love Story

Mahesh Bhatt Parveen Babi Controversial Love Story
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Mahesh Bhatt Parveen Babi Controversial Love Story

Mahesh Bhatt Parveen Babi Controversial Love Story

New Delhi. There are many secrets hidden in the Bollywood world. Even today, there are many such tales that everyone gets shocked and upset after hearing it. Many stories related to Bollywood’s famous personality Mahesh Bhatt and actress Parveen Bobby are also heard today. There are many such stories of Parveen Babi’s love story with famous filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. Even today, when people listen to them, they chew their fingers under their teeth. Karishma Upadhyay has written a book on actress Parveen Babi. In which Mahesh Bhatt made many big revelations about Parveen Bobby. Also, he told how their relationship started.

Mahesh Bhatt made big revelations about Parveen Babi

According to the news, it is said that Mahesh Bhatt had told that ‘when he met actress Parveen Bobby. Then she was dating her special friend Kabir Bedi. The relationship between the two was not good. For some time Parveen Babi had gone to visit London. When she came back, she planned to start her career in a new way. Mahesh Bhatt had invited Parveen Babi to his house in connection with a project. From where the story between Parveen and her started.

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Parveen Babi talks with Mahesh Bhatt

Parveen Babi, who came to meet Mahesh Bhatt, told him about the sadness in his life. Mahesh Bhatt is quoted as saying in the book that ‘That evening started with the arrival of two friends at the house. The conversation was deep and the silence was smooth. It is also told in the book that Mahesh Bhatt had retreated at that time. When Parveen Babi did not come to drop her even at the door that evening.

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lying on the bed waiting

While writing the book to Karishma Upadhyay, Mahesh Bhatt had also told that ‘When he reached the bedroom door, he saw Parveen Bobby lying on the bed waiting for him.’ Mahesh Bhatt shared another anecdote about Parveen. Mahesh Bhatt told that ‘Once when he reached Parveen Bobby’s room, he saw that she was lying on the ground like an animal. At that time he was wearing the outfit of his own film. Mahesh Bhatt told that at that time he realized that something is not right with Parveen Bobby.

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