Mass Shooting in Queens Leaves 10 Wounded

Mass Shooting in Queens Leaves 10 Wounded
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Mass Shooting in Queens Leaves 10 Wounded

Mass Shooting in Queens Leaves 10 Wounded

A festive Saturday night on a Queens street was interrupted when two gunmen opened fire on a crowd, injuring 10 people in a mass shooting which police say was linked to a gang.

The shooting took place on 37th Avenue in North Corona, about two miles south of La Guardia airport, police said. Surveillance video recorded the gunmen, wearing hoodies and masks, turning around a corner of 97th Street and opening fire as they walked down the block, followed by two accomplices on scooters.

Investigators believe the gunmen were targeting three male members of the Trinitarios gang hanging out outside a barber shop, but seven passers-by were also injured, police said.

All the victims were expected to survive, senior police officials said at a press conference at the scene on Sunday. But Chief Detective James Essig said he was troubled by what he saw as “a brazen and coordinated attack.”

“Two guys just reach out, walk down a busy street at 10:30 pm, where there are parties, restaurants, crowded streets,” he said, adding: “After firing at least 37 shots. fire – which we know – they calmly climb into the backs of scooters and take off, so very cheeky to say the least.

At a restaurant a few doors down from the barber shop, a crowd gathered for the owner’s birthday party, Chef Essig said.

The shooting in Queens was one of six police recorded on Saturday, with a total of 18 victims.

This involved a number of factors that have been present in recent shootings in the city, including gang members, one or more guns, scooters, masks and injured bystanders, according to Chief Essig.

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“This is unacceptable on our streets in New York, and it must stop,” he said.

The injured passers-by were five men and two women, and the victims are between 19 and 72 years old, police said. Most were shot in the legs or feet, and the youngest was shot in the right ear, police said. The most seriously injured victim is a man who was shot in the stomach, police said.

They were taken to Elmhurst Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital, as well as other hospitals, for treatment.

As of Sunday afternoon, police tape still blocked part of 37th Avenue as officers rushed in and spectators gathered. Storefront doors remained closed above restaurants, clothing stores and a laundromat on the Strip.

In Dos Bros., a restaurant seen in surveillance footage of the shooting, the glass in the front window was shattered and littered the street.

Chief Essig said police recovered 40 deformed cartridge cases and bullets. But it was still early in the investigation, and he implored the public to help him by passing on any information.

“Detectives still have a lot of work to do – interviews, prospecting, research in the light of day, but we are asking the public’s help with any information they have on this,” he said.

Will Dudding contributed reporting.

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