Mayawati UP Election 2022 News: Mayawati says she will focus on development and will not build monuments and parks

Mayawati UP Election 2022 News: Mayawati says she will focus on development and will not build monuments and parks
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Mayawati UP Election 2022 News: Mayawati says she will focus on development and will not build monuments and parks

Mayawati UP Election 2022 News: Mayawati says she will focus on development and will not build monuments and parks


  • BSP supremo Mayawati started for Assembly elections while casting Brahmin votes in UP
  • If the government is formed for the fifth time, it will focus on development instead of monuments, Mayawati said
  • Mayawati said that all the idols erected in the name of great men were being made at wholesale rates.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati has started casting Brahmin votes for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Mayawati delivered a lengthy speech at the party’s office in Lucknow during the conclusion of the first phase of the BSP’s Enlightened Class Council. Mayawati, meanwhile, said she would focus on development if the government was formed for the fifth time instead of building a monument. By the way, Mayawati has made such an announcement even before the 2017 elections.

What did Mayawati say about the park, the monument?
In her speech, Mayawati said, “I have paid homage to the saints who were the gurus who tried to make this country an egalitarian society, in their previous four governments, in Noida near Delhi and in Lucknow, the capital of UP, in monuments and museums.” , Gardens and established sculptures etc. We accomplished everything we wanted to do in our previous governments. Now we don’t have to put up any new monuments or parks or statues again. I have worked at a wholesale rate. Now for the fifth time when the BSP government is formed, my full strength will be used to change the picture of UP.

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Accused of burning crores of rupees
In fact, as Chief Minister, Mayawati built several monuments, elephant statues and gardens of Dalit leaders in Lucknow and Noida, during which she was accused of burning crores of public money. This has also led to a lot of criticism on Mayawati. Commenting on a case in this regard in 201, the apex court had said that money spent on gardens and statues during Mayawati’s rule should be returned to the exchequer.

An inquiry was held in the Akhilesh government
After Mayawati’s rule, when the Akhilesh Yadav government was formed in 2012, an inquiry was launched into allegations of scams in the monuments. The LDA’s investigation revealed that a total of Rs 5,191 crore was spent on parks and monuments in Lucknow, Noida and Greater Noida. The inquiry also found that 5,634 workers were employed to maintain the parks and statues.

Create 7 parks in Lucknow and 3 in Noida
According to a petition filed in the Supreme Court, Mayawati had built seven parks in Lucknow and three in Gautam Budh Nagar during her tenure. About 750 acres of land was used for this. Rs 3.49 crore has been spent on Mayawati idols, Rs 3.37 crore on Kanshiram idols and Rs 52.02 crore on 60 elephants. The elephant is also the election symbol of the BSP. The commission has covered the elephants with polyethylene during the election.

5,788 workers were employed for maintenance
Rs 180 crore is being spent every year on the protection and maintenance of five monuments and elephants built during the tenure of BSP supremo Mayawati. 5,788 personnel have been deployed for the maintenance and protection of the monuments. The petitioner also alleged that 90 per cent of the UP culture department’s budget was spent on the installation of idols of Maya, Kanshiram and elephants.

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Sometimes the trunk had to be raised and sometimes the elephants had to be covered.
Elephant statues in monuments have become a problem for the BSP. Notices have been issued several times from the Election Commission to the courts. Mayawati has to work hard to find a way to save these idols. Sometimes the trunk had to be raised and sometimes it was covered. A lot of money was spent on this too.

Where and how much money was spent on gardens and sculptures?

In Lucknow
Ambedkar social change symbol site
Area – 125 acres
Price – Rs 1363 crore

Kanshiram Memorial

Area- 70 acres
Price – Rs 730 crore

Ramabai Rally Venue
Area – 51 acres
Price – Rs 655 crore

Buddha Peace Garden
Area – 10.8 hectares
Price – 460 crores

Kanshiram Eco Park
Area- 70 acres
Price – Rs 1000 crore

Gomti Vihar Park

Area – 30 acres
Price- Rs 300 crore

Gomti Park
Area – 20 acres
Price- 200 crores

National Dalit Inspiration Site and Green Garden
Area – 80 acres
Price – Rs 685 crore

Ambedkar Park, Badalpur, Greater Noida
Area – 10 hectares
Price- Rs 96 crore

Buddha Park, Badalpur, Greater Noida
Area-4 hectares
Price- Rs 46 crore

Number of parks
Lucknow – 7
GB Nagar – 3

Elephant sculptures
Lucknow – 152

The cost of sculptures 99.84 crores
According to the FIR, The price of the idol- 48 lakhs


Mayawati’s statement on monuments and gardens

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