Microsoft Edge APK for Android – Download

Microsoft Edge APK for Android – Download
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Microsoft Edge APK for Android – Download

Microsoft Edge APK for Android – Download

Microsoft Edge is the latest addition in the fast and safe web browsing. It allows a user to have a continuous browsing fun from their android device to their Windows 10 devices. With Microsoft Edge search the web along with blocking ads and reading preview. Personalize your web browsing experience by adding favorites, saving passwords and reading the lists.

Voice search enables browsing the web by only speaking with one’s smartphone. The Image Search allows for the user to search across web for the optimum results which are based on either an image or a photo.

Features of Microsoft Edge

The features for the Microsoft Edge are as follows.

Private Browsing:

With the Microsoft Edge the browsing experience is made secure and private. Sync your passwords, favorites as well as the reading lists across all of your devices. The Incognito Browser allow make use of the InPrivate Tabs. Not allowing the browsing data to be saved on device after close of InPrivate Tabs.

Ad Block:

With the in-app AdBlock Plus, be safe from viewing any unwanted ads as they get blocked automatically. The ad blocker can be enabled by going to Settings and the option ‘Content lockers’.

Personalized Web Browser:

The ‘Reading View’ in Microsoft Edge allows users to recognize the webpage or content for making the focus easier. The ‘Favorites’ option allows for users to personalize and find as well as manage their contents. The History and reading List are all stored in one single place.

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Saving Passwords to save time:-

The Microsoft Edge app lets users to store their passwords in a secure manner on their browser.  This will save user considerable amount of time when they revisit their Favorites.

The Microsoft Rewards is the bunch of points that can be redeemed by a user. All a user needs to do is to Sign In to their Microsoft account on Microsoft Edge.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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