Missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew: Where the case stands two years later

Missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew: Where the case stands two years later
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Missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew: Where the case stands two years later

Missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew: Where the case stands two years later

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Sunday marked the second Mother’s Day since the disappearance of Suzanne Morpheus, a Colorado woman, since the mother of two went missing in 2020.

Tuesday marks two years since Morpheus was last seen on May 10, 2020 at the age of 49.

For two years, investigators have announced murder charges, among others, in connection with the case – against Susan’s husband, Barry Morpheus – and then dropped the charges a few weeks before she was brought to justice. As the search for Susan continued, prosecutors said in April that they believed they were close to finding her body, which could have involved her husband or expelled him.

Missing Colorado mother Suzanne Murphy’s daughters stand by their father after pleading guilty to murder

Meanwhile, Barry Murphy’s defense attorney, Iris Itan, recently told ABC that his team would take action against the district attorney in the case and call for prosecutors to investigate the misconduct.

“They dismissed the case outright at the moment because they knew they were going to lose the case and Mr Morpheus was going to be acquitted and acquitted,” he told reporters after the news of his dismissal.

Police say they were told Susan Murphy left for a bike ride on May 10, 2020, but never returned. A neighbor reported her missing, officials said.

A few days later, investigators may have found one of his items, but multiple searches, including the waterway, found no body.

One week after he went missing, Barry Murphy posted a video on Facebook requesting his safe return.

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“No questions asked, no matter what they want, I’ll do whatever it takes to get you back,” he said.

Andy Moorman, Suzanne Murphy’s brother, announced in mid-September that she was hiring volunteers to run an independent investigation.

He told KMGH-TV before the September 24 search began, “I have to find him, bring him home, give him a proper burial for my family, and close.” “And that’s what I’m saying. I’m not trying to find anyone guilty or punish anyone. It’s not my job. It’s the job of law enforcement.”

The sheriff’s office said it had worked with law enforcement partners to enforce more than 135 statewide search warrants and to interview more than 400 people in multiple states. Law enforcement teams have seen more than 1,400 tips.

Murphy was charged with murder, tampering with a dead human body, and tampering with physical evidence, among others related to his disappearance in May 2021 and the death of his wife.

Read the revised affidavit here:

In a 131-page affidavit released after Morpheus’ arrest, investigators described how Morpheus realized he could not control his wife and her decision to leave, so instead “he did what he did all his life – to Susan. Like hunting and controlling. Animals hunted and controlled, “the document said.

But prosecutors then changed course, successfully ordering a judge on April 19 to withdraw the charges. They further added that the calculations would be dismissed without prior notice, meaning they could still submit charges if the new data presented itself, according to speed.

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Missing mother Suzanne Morpheus: Colorado judge dismisses case against husband just weeks before trial

They argued that they felt they were close to finding Suzanne Morpheus’ body, which could help or harm their case against Barry.

“In the case of common homicide, the death of the victim is seldom issued, but in such cases, the most influential result is whether Mrs. Morpheus is dead. If the body is found there, further forensic examination could potentially convict or expel the accused.” “The filing says. “Given the need to conduct further investigations to resolve these issues, this is a good basis for dismissing the current allegations.”

Read the proposal to dismiss the prosecutors here:

They wrote that investigators had hoped to retrieve Morpheus’ remains in a remote area near the couple’s mountain home before the trial, but the weather hampered their efforts.

“Significant amounts of snow fell in the region during the winter months before the search was completed,” Speed ​​said. “To this day, there is 5 feet of snow in the area where people believe Mise Morpheus is located.”

District Attorney Linda Stanley said Susan Murphy’s siblings agreed with the prosecution’s request to withdraw the charges.

Barry Murphy’s ‘hunting and controlling’ wife, Susan, is like an animal, investigators say

Aitton, Barry Murphy’s chief attorney, has condemned Stanley’s handling of the case and called the allegations “false from the start.”

“The affidavit that was filed in this case was serious and incorrect and contained a number of misrepresentations that led to a preliminary hearing where further lies and deception were made to convict Mr Morpheus unjustly,” he told a news conference. Conference after dismissal.

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Ethan said there was “not even an ounce” of physical evidence to link Barry Morpheus to the case, noting that prosecutors had never said they would find Suzanne Morpheus’ body in order to try her.

“In fact, there is DNA that has been embedded in all the critical items of evidence in this case – bikes, bike helmets, homes, cars – that have been linked to unknown men and convicted. Sex offenders in this country.”

He added: “And the prosecution has chosen not to follow those instructions.”

Murphy’s daughters, Massey and Mallory, stood by their father during an interview with ABC aired on Friday.

“We’ve decided we want to finally break the silence,” Mallory said.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, but we think we can finally take our first steps towards healing, which is a blessing,” Massey added. “We just know our dad better than anyone else, and we know he wasn’t involved in our mother’s disappearance.”

Eytan is urging prosecutors to review the conduct of the case.

If you want to honor Suzanne and you want to honor the daughters, find Suzanne, “Ethan told ABC. Because it’s hard for anyone to believe that Barry is not what he claims to be. “

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In a statement to ABC, Stanley’s office said prosecutors and law enforcement “have been searching for Susan Murphy since she went missing” and continue to do so.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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