Mistake to avoid while upgrading your computer to Windows 11

Mistake to avoid while upgrading your computer to Windows 11
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Mistake to avoid while upgrading your computer to Windows 11

Mistake to avoid while upgrading your computer to Windows 11

Microsoft has announced its new operating system Windows 11. While this has excited Windows users around the world, it is also important to know what precautions should be taken while downloading Windows 11.

New Delhi. Microsoft has announced the new version of its operating system Windows 11 operating system. In such a situation, Windows users around the world are excited to upgrade Windows on their computers and use Microsoft’s new operating system.
But before you download and install Windows 11 on your computer, it is important to know that what can go wrong in downloading and installing Windows 11? Also it is important that how to avoid that mistake.

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One mistake that can be made before downloading Windows 11 is not verifying its source. Windows 11 update message. Cyber ​​security firm and anti-virus maker Kaspersky is warning users about fake Windows 11 downloads and how to avoid them. This fake version of Windows 11 can bring viruses to your computer, which can damage the computer as well as the files saved in it.

Windows 11 will be officially available to everyone at the end of this year. But its pre-release build version can be downloaded and installed to give it a try. Getting the new Windows 11 pre-release build version is easy. For this you can download it from the official Microsoft website. But some people do not choose the official website and use third party or unofficial website. This is a big mistake.

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Disadvantages of downloading and installing from third party or unofficial websites

Downloading and installing any software from a third party or unofficial website can cause many types of viruses to enter the computer, delete important files itself and even your data can be stolen.

How to avoid virus and data theft

To avoid viruses and data theft and keep your computer safe, it is important to download and install the pre-release build version of Windows 11 from the official website.

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How to safely download windows 11 to your computer

  • The final release of Windows 11 is yet to come. Therefore, it is necessary to download the pre-release build version on another system, not on the primary system. This is important because pre-release build versions of Windows 11 can be quite unstable.
  • You must register for Windows Insider to download Windows 11 safely.
  • Apart from this, a computer with Windows 10 will also be required.
  • To upgrade, go to Settings, click Update & Security, then click Windows Insider Program.
  • After that activate the dev channel to download the update.
  • Install it after the download is complete. The process will be completed.

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