Mobile data is being spent quickly then follow these tricks

Mobile data is being spent quickly then follow these tricks
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Mobile data is being spent quickly then follow these tricks

Mobile data is being spent quickly then follow these tricks

If your mobile data is being used less even if you are spending more, then enjoy it for a long time by following the tricks mentioned below.

New Delhi. In today’s era, smartphone has become an important part of everyone’s life. Especially during this corona pandemic. During this, everything from online studies to shopping and money transactions is becoming possible through the Internet. That’s why everyone wants to keep their data saved, but many times people face these problems that despite using the data thoughtfully, when and where the data ends is not known. Today we are sharing some tips to save mobile data, which can be followed by saving data. Let’s know.

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Do not open multiple apps at once
Sometimes we open many apps at the same time. While using only one app. This results in a lot of data being spent at once. Not only this, even when we are not using the mobile, these apps remain open in the background. This consumes a lot of data. So when you open any app, the rest of the apps should be closed. Also, when you are not using the mobile, then definitely click on clear or close all apps. This will save you a lot of data.

Do not use online games and videos
Many times people start watching movies online and playing games, this consumes a lot of data. So whenever you want to play movies, songs or games, first of all download them, then entertain yourself. Whatever data will be spent by this, it will be done in one go. With this you will be able to entertain yourself offline as well. No need to spend mobile data for the same songs, movies and games every day.

Keep auto update and auto download settings off
Most people see images or videos on WhatsApp, Telegram and other apps, then they are downloaded automatically. Also, when the new version of the apps comes, they start updating automatically. This also consumes a lot of mobile data. So go to your WhatsApp and mobile settings and turn off the auto download and auto update setting and download only the things you need.

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Do not make free calling on apps
Nowadays, free calling facility is being provided on many apps. It is okay to use it occasionally for international calling, but it should be avoided for local calls. Because it consumes data very fast. Therefore, avoid using the facility by using the free calling given on any app.

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