money heist season 5 Series Cast & Crew | List of Money Heist cast members

money heist season 5 Series Cast & Crew | List of Money Heist cast members
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money heist season 5 Series Cast & Crew | List of Money Heist cast members

money heist season 5 Series Cast & Crew | List of Money Heist cast members

Nowadays, Bing watching is an all-time favorite thing for youngsters. Netflix and chill are like a trend of reels on Instagram. Well, there are thousands of series available on Netflix these days, but here let’s talk about one of the most famous and viral Spanish series, La Casa De Papel or Money Heist (in English). The show is based on a Spanish crime and heist drama being made by a group of people, it basically revolves around heists’ being done. It is one of the most talked-about series and has been getting a great review from the audience.

money heist season 5 Series Cast & Crew List of Money Heist cast members

money heist season 5 Series Cast & Crew List of Money Heist cast members

The show is been created by Alex Pina. Money Heist has a total of 4 seasons released to date with a total of 31 episodes. Season 1 and 2 consist of a heist being made in the Royal Mint of Spain, which was successful, and season 3, shows a heist which is been taken place in the Bank of Spain. The show aired in 2017 on 2nd May and has some really famous Spain stars such as Alvaro Morte, Ursula Corbero, Paco Tous, and many more among others.

The show revolves around heisting and criminal acts being performed according to their plan. The show has been one of the most famous, liked, and adored shows on Netflix and it actually portrays an amazing screenplay, writing, and performance by each star was very much appreciated by the audience and yes, criticized as well.

The group of people who planned and made the heist successful has a very weird outfit and mask to cover their faces, this was one of the points which the viewers loved and demanded the same piece in the market and also asked: “why this outfit?”. Well, the heisters wore a red-colored jumpsuit with a mask of a Dali, which was very much hyped during this series.

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In this article, we will talk about the series costumes, masks, and much more in detail.

What does the costume of Money Heist mean?

The whole group of heisters wore the same costume, Red Jumpsuit just to cover themselves from the people while they rob out the whole Bank of Spain and another place. The viewers of the series had many doubts and thought that why such an outfit? Why red jumpsuit? The rumor was all over the world. But well, here’s the actual reason that that whole ‘red’ outfit actually serves and stands for as a physical symbol of the show. The outfit basically represents the show’s theme which shows out in a form of indignation, resistance, and skepticism which is towards the system, as mentioned by the Professor in episode 3, season 1. Well, can’t remember the professor’s words, this is a chance to restart the series, I guess!

The thieves covered themselves up from head to toe in a red jumpsuit, so the hostages can’t identify them. The particular color – red defines and symbolism many things such as love, death, blood, and resistance. Well, it was said that in the 1700s and 1950s, red color was known as a color that symbolizes the new freedom and liberties. Now, the red color in the money heist series stands for what the group stands for!

The reason behind Money Heist Dali Mask?

Well, many of the viewers had thought about this question like does this mask stand for something? Or does it have any actual reason behind choosing this one? Well, let’s read on the actual reason and meaning to choose this Dali mask in this hit Spanish series, Money Heist!

First of all, the Dali mask isn’t just a regular mask, it is a caricature of the face of the most important Spanish artist, Salvador Dali, the painter. The mask of Salvador Dali simply serves as a mark of national pride and resistance. The directors of the series considered using the Dali mask to recognize and represent the Spanish culture in the world, more than Pablo Picasso. Dali’s work was strongly rebellious which marks as a symbol for a revolution.

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The Dali mask in Money Heist stands as a symbol of social resistance. After the success of the series, many countries around the world adopted the mask and clothes or money heist costumes as an emblem to favor a social change. In fact, according to some sources, back in 2018, a group of women wore the Dali mask from money heist just to demonstrate and portray support to legalize abortion in front of the National Congress government of the Argentine.  So, well the mask has surely made a symbol of resistance in the public’s eye as a hope against the rules.

Can the money heist costume be used in a Halloween party?

Well, for sure the costume can be used in a Halloween party as a character who’s tough, smart, and fearless and have the courage to work towards a system. The costume would surely pull out the best at the party because of the attractive color and the mask which is also an eye-catcher for the people.

Casa De Papel costume used in some real-life-based political protest, is it true?

According to the sources, there is said to be some real-life-based protest being happened around the world after the release and success of the series Casa De Papel a.k.a Money Heist.

Well, in the series season 3 –  episode 2, the professor has mentioned the costume being used in the protest all around the world, the professor mentioned some places like Buenos Aires, Colombia, Paris, Rome, Saudi Arabia, and Rio De Janeiro. But there’s no evidence that what the professor said was actually happened or not as the show isn’t based on true stories.

The costume was used in a protest back in 2019’s July where the protesters demanded Puerto Rico’s Governor named Ricardo Rossello. The protesters actually wore the Money heist’s costume during the protest. They were asking the governor to resign after pages of messages were released in the public in which the group of the governor and 11 other members made fun of their own supporters. This lead to dealing with government corruption and debt crisis which eventually led to unemployment.

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Well, this example clearly states the boldness and impact of the symbol that costume carries and which can be seen both, in and out the show!



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