Monthly SIP of Rs 10000 made more than Rs 6 lakh in three years

Monthly SIP of Rs 10000 made more than Rs 6 lakh in three years
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Monthly SIP of Rs 10000 made more than Rs 6 lakh in three years

Monthly SIP of Rs 10000 made more than Rs 6 lakh in three years

Most of the Mid Cap Funds have outperformed the S&P BSE Mid Cap Index period and with an impressive return of 25.56 per cent over the previous year on Nifty Midcap Index, Mutual Fund Category has an inflow of 5558 crores during the period March to June 2021. have been seen. Further, in the previous period of one year as on August 2, 2021, the category has offered the fourth highest returns.

So, if you are looking to go for long-term mid-cap funds as part of your asset allocation, here are 5 best performing mid-cap funds listed. Which you can consider adding to your portfolio through the SIP or Systematic Investment Plan route. These funds have made SIP of Rs 10000 per month more than Rs 6 lakh in 3 years. Let us also tell you about these funds.

L&T Midcap Fund – Growth : Launched in the year 2004, the open ended equity scheme invests primarily in mid-cap stocks. The scheme is available as both direct and regular fund with annual recurring expenditure of 0.61% and 1.71% respectively as on July 31, 2021. The medium sized fund has an asset size of Rs 6725.8 crore and is categorized as a high risk fund as per the Mutual Fund Risk-O-Meter. The NAV of the fund as on 5th August 2021 is 200.86. The minimum SIP amount in the fund is Rs 500. If you do a SIP of 10 thousand rupees a month, then after three years you will get Rs 5.30 lakh.

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Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund : This mid cap fund of Edelweiss AMC has outperformed with a return of 81.87 per cent over a period of one year. The fund was launched in the year 2007 and has given returns of 12.16 per cent since its launch. The last NAV of the fund was 47.74. Exit load of 1% is applicable in case of redemption before the 1 year period. One can start with an SIP of Rs 500 in the fund. If you have done SIP of 10000 rupees every month, then after 3 years you will get an amount of 6.13 lakh rupees.

3. Kotak Emerging Equity-Growth: It is a comparatively large fund with a size of Rs 14,133 crore. The expense ratio of the fund is pegged at 1.82 per cent. Since its launch in 2007, the fund has given a return of 14.29 per cent, has underperformed the benchmark in the past one year, has given a return of 78.67 per cent during the past one year. Minimum SIP amount in the fund. 1000 is Rs. Through a monthly SIP of Rs 10,000, started 3 years ago, your amount would have grown to Rs 6 lakh.

4. DSP Midcap Fund: This fund has given the highest returns in the last 10 years. Also, the size of this fund is also about 13 thousand crores. The fund is kept in the high risk category. Last NAV as on August 5, 2021 is 89.30. The expense ratio of DSP Midcap Fund is 1.83 per cent, which is lower than the category average. 63 per cent of the corpus is invested in mid cap stocks, the remaining fund is invested in large cap and small cap stocks. The fund’s top stock holdings include Balkrishna Industries, Max Financial, Supreme Industries, Atul Limited, IPCA etc. Over a period of 1 year, the fund has given a return of 56.11 per cent, outperforming the benchmark index. The minimum SIP plan in the fund is Rs 500. The monthly SIP of Rs 10000 that started in the fund 3 years ago has now made Rs 5.52 lakh.

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