Moonmoon Datta’s comeback in Tarak Mehta

Moonmoon Datta’s comeback in Tarak Mehta
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Moonmoon Datta’s comeback in Tarak Mehta

Moonmoon Datta’s comeback in Tarak Mehta

Actress Moonmoon Datta had not appeared in ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ for the last few months, after which rumors started circulating that the actress had left the show. There were also reports that producer Asit Modi has said that he will have to apologize again for the racist words used by Munmun Dutta as the apology he gave on Twitter was not enough. But now it looks like the feud between Moonmoon Datta and the producers is over. Moonmoon is now back on the shoot.

As per the report of our partner Itimes TV, Moonmoon Datta has returned to Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma and has started shooting. Moonmoon Datta is playing the role of Babita G in the show. It is said that the producers will broadcast its entry this week.

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According to reports, when Moonmoon Datta entered the sets recently, the entire team was surprised to see him. He thought Moonmoon Datta would rarely return to the show. But it is being said that Moonmoon Datta and producer Asit Modi cleared the case by talking on the phone and forgetting things and talking about moving on.

It is being said that ever since Moonmoon has returned to the set, her attitude has completely changed. Now she speaks lovingly to everyone on the set, who was missing before. The team is also surprised to see his changed behavior.

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A few months ago, when Moonmoon Dutta used the word racist in a video, there was a lot of controversy. A case was also registered against the actress under the non-bailable clause. However, Moonmoon Dutta also apologized on Twitter. But the case went on. After this, Moonmoon Datta stayed away from shooting for ‘Taraq Mehta’ for a few months.

Moonmoon Dutta told our colleague Itimes that he is not needed in the track of the show at the moment, so he is away, on the other hand it was being said that Asit Modi wants Moonmoon to apologize again. Not only that, he also got the entire team of the event to sign an initiative, according to which, no member will use abusive words about anyone in the future, or he will not utter racist words or hurt anyone’s religious feelings.

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