Mumbai News: Jai Jeet Singh IPS: Antilia case …

Mumbai News: Jai Jeet Singh IPS: Antilia case …
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Mumbai News: Jai Jeet Singh IPS: Antilia case …

Mumbai News: Jai Jeet Singh IPS: Antilia case …


  • The Antilia Gelatin case and the Hiren Mansukh murder case were discovered by the ATS
  • Jayjit Singh was the head of ATS at that time.
  • IPS Jai Jeet Singh calls everyone just G or Saheb.
  • Despite being the Commissioner of Maharashtra Police, the soldier is also called Sir.

Who was the first to expose Sachin Waje and his entire team in the Antilia Gelatin case and Hiren Mansukh murder case? What is NIA? No. The ATS, headed by Jayjit Singh, is now the Thane Police Commissioner.

The same Jayjeet Singh is currently investigating two FIRs registered against Parambir Singh in Thane, which are also being investigated in the Antilia Gelatin case.

…. So the team’s prowess could not come to the fore easily
An official who worked with Jayjit Singh for a long time told us that Jayjit Singh is a technology officer. If he had not been in the ATS at that time, the prowess of Sachin Waje and his entire team would not have come so easily.

First DCP of Maharashtra ATS
This was Jayjit Singh’s second innings in the Maharashtra ATS. When Maharashtra ATS was formed in 2004, Jayjit Singh was its first DCP. According to an official, Techno Savvy was fond of Jayjeet Singh, who brought the world’s best equipment to the Maharashtra ATS’s call intercept cell.

Maharashtra ATS Intercept Cell after IB and RAW
Today, Maharashtra ATS’s Intercept Cell is considered the best after IB and RAW. The Maharashtra ATS had intercepted calls from terrorists during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The Mumbai Crime Branch may have investigated the IPL spot-fixing case, but even in that case, the ATS was given the responsibility of intercepting calls.

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Also related to the investigation of the Aurangabad Arms case
Jayjit Singh was involved in the investigation of the famous Aurangabad arms case of 2006. The accused in the case was identified as Zaibuddin Ansari, who later fled to Pakistan via Bangladesh. Abu Jundal was renamed Lashkar-e-Taiba by Pakistani leaders. This Jundal had taught Hindi to ten terrorists who came to Mumbai along with Ajmal Kasab.

Mumbai local train blasts also investigated
In 2006, more than a dozen local trains were bombed in Mumbai. Jayjit Singh was involved in the investigation of the case. He then went on deputation to Delhi for a few years. After returning from there, he worked in Nashik as IG and Additional DG in Railway Police.

Seeing intimacy makes everyone a fan
Retired ACP Sunil Deshmukh, who has worked with Jayjit Singh, says he has never addressed any of his juniors by his direct name. He is called ‘Ji’ or ‘Sahib’. Even when he calls his soldier, he adds his name to Saheb.

In an investigation of a case, tell an inspector older than you that you are like my older brother. Please guide me on how to reach the accused in this case. This habit of his own makes the person in front of him a fan.

ATS knows the name of Mastermind
About half a dozen policemen have also been arrested in the Antilia Gelatin case, but it is said that the mastermind of the case has not yet been caught for political reasons.

The case is officially with the NIA, but many believe that Jayjeet Singh knows the name of the mastermind. If the case is with the ATS, then Mastermind is likely to be in ATS custody.

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