My ‘Long Covid’ Nightmare: Still Sick After 6 Months

My ‘Long Covid’ Nightmare: Still Sick After 6 Months
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My ‘Long Covid’ Nightmare: Still Sick After 6 Months

My ‘Lengthy Covid’ Nightmare: Nonetheless Sick After 6 Months

To stave off deconditioning after months of inactivity, I walked the grassy fields of Central Park a minimum of 3 times per week. Typically I made it a mile, different occasions barely 4 blocks, adopted by a two-hour nap. Train was welcome as a result of it was a change of disposition. Since lockdown, my residence had served as my dwelling, a office and an infirmary.

July 9 began out like another day in post-Covid life. My temperature was 98.3 within the morning and rose to 99.7 by 7 p.m. I didn’t assume a lot about it once I known as my brother; I used to be accustomed to the temperature fluctuations by then. However at about 11 p.m., as he and I commiserated over the state of California’s wildfires, I began to really feel faint. Then, what felt like a heat ball gathered on the high of my shoulders and began to rise, till my complete head was engulfed in warmth. I panicked and bought off the cellphone, as a result of I didn’t wish to alarm my brother.

Beads of perspiration fashioned on my brow. My hair was saturated on the roots with sweat. Inside a couple of minutes, my complete physique was sopping. The backs of my knees. My forearms and shins. Even the fold of pores and skin the place my hip and thigh met. It was as if my inside thermostat had gone berserk and each inch of my physique was overheating directly. I took my temperature at midnight — it was 100.1 and rising — and I packed my head in ice to chill off. I lay down, hoping the fever would subside. When it didn’t, I known as a detailed pal and requested her to textual content me within the morning. If I didn’t reply, she ought to name me. If I didn’t decide up, she ought to ship for an ambulance. I used to be terrified I wouldn’t get up. I took two Advil and crawled into mattress.

Within the morning, the fever was gone. However it had been changed by a wave of convulsive chills that endured for 2 hours. I took a tepid bathe, and a few extra Advil and drank a quart of water, involved I’d be dehydrated. My temperature hovered at 99, and I used to be exhausted. I crawled again into mattress and stayed there all day, drifting out and in of sleep whereas watching episodes of “Sport of Thrones.” I used to be refreshed once I awoke, not shocking provided that I had slept many of the previous 24 hours. I took a stroll. At 7 p.m., as I anticipated, my temperature rose once more, solely this time it was accompanied by chills and physique warmth. My face was flush and, as they did two nights earlier, beads of sweat lined my brow.

No, no, no, I mentioned to myself. This could’t be occurring. Possibly by way of the pressure of my will, I might make my fever go away. I put ice packs on my again, principally as a result of it felt good, and known as my pal once more. Tonight was going to be tough, I informed her. I drank water and crawled into mattress, overcome with fatigue. There, I fell asleep at 11 p.m. and didn’t get up till midday. As rapidly because the chills, fever and fatigue appeared, they had been gone. Just like the film “Groundhog Day,” I’d relive the worst of Covid again and again till, at some point, hopefully, I’d not.

However coping with the bodily repercussions of Covid was solely half the battle. I ached to see shut associates, most of whom lived far-off. Different associates projected their fears and issues onto me on the identical time I used to be coping with my very own. One pal recounted the story of an athlete, a longtime runner, who had contracted the virus and will barely stroll a number of blocks after 5 months. She had respiratory issues. And she or he wasn’t getting higher regardless of attentive medical care.

“Isn’t that terrible?” my pal mentioned.

Sure, it was. It scared me, too. I attempted to alter the topic, however my pal continued.

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