Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Mumbai’s Upcoming Civil Elections Latest News

Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Mumbai’s Upcoming Civil Elections Latest News
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Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Mumbai’s Upcoming Civil Elections Latest News

Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Narayan Rane vs Shiv Sena: Mumbai’s Upcoming Civil Elections Latest News


  • Maharashtra politics is heating up after the recent dispute between Narayan Rane and Shiv Sena
  • BMC elections will be held in February next year, Shiv Sena will be the main target of BJP
  • The BJP will try to take advantage of the Rane-Uddhav controversy in the BMC elections

Bhau Padhye, an outspoken Marathi writer who wrote the novel Rada in the 1970s. It literally means the practice of street fighting. The Shiv Sena may not have started it in the financial capital of the country but accepted it soon after its establishment. Narayan Rane, who came from Chembur at that time, joined Shiv Sena politics, which is known for its aggressive politics.

Rane grew so fast that at one point he was seen as the future Chief Minister of Maharashtra, but this was not possible due to mutual animosity with the Thackeray family. Rane left Shiv Sena and joined Congress and later joined BJP but his enmity with Shiv Sainiks always remained in the headlines. Now in the BMC elections, which are considered to be the richest civic body elections in the country, the BJP will try to quarrel between the two, the ‘Rada’, the street-mohalla.

BJP will stop Rane-Shiv Sena war!
The pulse of Shiv Sena, which has flourished in Rane city and Mumbai, is well known. At the same time, they have a strong base in the coastal Konkan belt. Considering all these facts, BJP will try to take advantage in the coming elections.

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It is worth noting that Rane has been a part of Shiv Sena politics for a long time. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s controversial speech has come to the fore after he made a statement about slapping him. Two weeks later, the Shiv Sena reacted to a statement by a BJP MLA that he would not be able to get up if the Sena slapped him. In fact, the BJP MLA had spoken about running a bulldozer at the army headquarters.

The war of words will intensify when elections come.
Rane was granted bail soon after his arrest, which was expected by the BJP. Rane is in the spotlight through this entire political drama. His Jan Ashirwad Yatra and his verbal attacks on the Shiv Sena are noteworthy which will intensify till the by-elections in February 2022.

It is clear that the BJP may have tried to distance itself from Rane’s statement (statement on Uddhav Thackeray), but after this development, the former Shiv Sainiks are likely to get a free hand to provoke the Shiv Sena. This will create feelings in favor of Rane and through him BJP will aim to fight the ‘Marathi man’ directly in Mumbai. As he did in the 2017 BMC elections. In this election, BJP gave a bitter blow to Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena’s attempt to blow up the main electorate
If you look, Rane’s rhetoric often targets voters, supporters and army workers. Among the Shiv Sena’s main voters are Mumbaikars from the Konkan region, families of mill workers, who were once the backbone of the city workers and the backbone of the Marathi middle class. Narayan Rane has also come from the same environment who sowed the seeds for both Mumbai’s money order economy and Bal Thackeray’s Shiv Sena.

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The Shiv Sena is often accused of turning its back on the Maratha community in Mumbai, leading to the expulsion of the class from Mumbai in two decades. Apart from this, Rane and BJP will surround Shiv Sena on all issues including continuous neglect of Konkan division.

Shiv Sena played Rane in the first round
However, there is a big difference between political provocation and disruption of the general situation. The way we have seen a street fight between two political opponents recently, the way Narayan Rane was arrested, there is a fear that revenge may be taken on the other side as well. If Shiv Sena is in power in the state and law and order is in hand, then Narayan Rane is a minister at the Center.

In the first round, at least Shiv Sena has played with Rane. Before the elections, there could be another war between the former allies BJP and Shiv Sena as the BMC election with an annual budget of over Rs 30,000 crore is in jeopardy.

Narayan Rane

Narayan Rane

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