NASA Study Predicts Record Flooding In 2030s Due To Moon S Wobble Climate Change

NASA Study Predicts Record Flooding In 2030s Due To Moon S Wobble Climate Change
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NASA Study Predicts Record Flooding In 2030s Due To Moon S Wobble Climate Change

NASA Study Predicts Record Flooding In 2030s Due To Moon S Wobble Climate Change

Shocking revelation in the study of the US space agency NASA, if the moon will stagger from its surface, then there will be a devastating flood on the earth

New Delhi. Due to climate change, there is a sudden change in the weather in many parts of the earth. Somewhere there is a drought and somewhere there is a flood like situation. More or less the same situation prevails in winters. Sometimes the unseasonal rain rains so much that the inundation comes.

Amidst the sudden change in the weather, a study has made a shocking revelation. In this study, one of the reasons for the change in the weather has also been given to the neighboring moon of the Earth. This study has been done by the American Space Agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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According to this NASA study, in the year 2030 i.e. about 9 years from now, with the rising sea level due to climate change, the moon will move from its orbit, which will cause devastating floods on the earth.

Glaciers are melting rapidly due to climate change. The result of the melting of these glaciers is being seen in the form of floods in many countries.

At the same time, now NASA has claimed in one of its studies that the reason for this change in weather can also be the moon. NASA said in its report that the ‘wobble’ of the moon in its orbit along with rising sea levels due to climate change would cause devastating floods on Earth.

However, this flood will take time to come. According to the study, this situation will be created in the year 2030. This NASA study is published on June 21 in the journal Nature on Climate Change.

Flood will come due to movement on the moon
According to a NASA study, due to the movement on the moon, there will be floods on the earth. The floods caused by the moon have been called ‘disturbing floods’.

This type of flood occurs in coastal areas when ocean waves rise 2 feet higher than the average daily height. Homes and roads are all submerged in water. It has a direct impact on everyday life.

The study says that until the mid-2030s, such conditions will continue to occur that will suddenly become irregular.

Waves will rise three feet higher than normal for 10 years
Sea waves in the US coast will rise three to four feet higher than their normal height and this trend will continue for a decade.

Chances of destruction in coastal areas
According to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, the risk of flooding in low-lying areas is increasing due to rising sea levels. Due to frequent floods, the difficulties of the people are also increasing and these difficulties will increase further in the coming time.

He said that due to the change of the Moon’s position in its orbit, the gravitational pull, rising sea level and climate change together will create flood conditions in the coastal areas on a global scale, due to which there can be huge destruction.

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The moon will change its place!
According to Phil Thompson, assistant professor at the University of Hawaii and lead author of the study, when the moon wobbles in its orbit, it takes 18.6 years to complete. But due to rising heat on the earth, this situation becomes very dangerous amidst rising sea level.

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