Naseeruddin Shah Recalls How Dilip Kumar Advised Him Not To Be Actor

Naseeruddin Shah Recalls How Dilip Kumar Advised Him Not To Be Actor
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Naseeruddin Shah Recalls How Dilip Kumar Advised Him Not To Be Actor

Naseeruddin Shah Recalls How Dilip Kumar Advised Him Not To Be Actor

New Delhi. Many bad news is being heard from Bollywood these days. Veteran actor Dilip Kumar, who has been ailing for a long time, passed away at the age of 98. At the same time, actor Naseeruddin was also hospitalized for a long time due to the complaint of pneumonia. In such a situation, Naseeruddin Shah was heartbroken after hearing about Dilip Sahab. Naseeruddin Shah told that when he was admitted in the hospital. Then Saira Banu came to meet him in the hospital and inquired about his well being. Naseeruddin Shah was also a big fan of Dilip Sahab like everyone else. In a recent interview, Naseeruddin Shah narrated an anecdote related to Dilip Sahab. In which he told how was his reaction when he expressed his desire to become an actor in front of Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar gave advice to Naseeruddin Shah

In the interview, Naseeruddin Shah told that once he was very nervous and expressed his desire to become an actor with Dilip Kumar. When Dilip Sahab heard that he wanted to become an actor, he said that I think you should go back home and complete your studies.

Those who belong to a good family do not have the desire to become an actor etc. Naseeruddin was surprised to hear this answer of Dilip Sahab for a long time, but then he listened to his heart and stepped into the film industry. Today Naseeruddin Shah also comes in the count of veteran actors.

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There is a special relationship with Dilip Kumar’s family

Naseeruddin Shah not only had a relationship with Dilip Kumar as a fan, but they also had a family connection. In the interview, the actor recalled the old days and said that ‘when he came to Mumbai. He was not in touch with his family then. But his family used to take his good news through Dilip Kumar.

In fact, Naseeruddin’s aunt had a very good acquaintance with Dilip Saheb. When Naseeruddin came to Mumbai, he used to stay at Dilip Sahab’s house for a week and then he was sent to his house.

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bollywood got a big blow

Naseeruddin Shah has also worked with Dilip Kumar on the big screen. Both appeared in the film Karma. The film was well liked. Dilip sahib was called the king of acting. Whenever he used to come on the big screen. He used to explode with his acting and style. From Amitabh Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan, the last audience of Dilip Sahab had reached.

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