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New Blood Episode 3 Recap “Smoke Signals” – Gadget Clock

New Blood Episode 3 Recap “Smoke Signals” – Gadget Clock
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New Blood Episode 3 Recap “Smoke Signals” – Gadget Clock

New Blood Episode 3 Recap “Smoke Signals” – Gadget Clock

Don’t miss out Celebrity Mixer recap of Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 “Smoke signal.” Dexter hopes to have a chance to sort things out with Harrison, which is proving difficult to do when there is a full criminal investigation into Dexter himself. Harrison joined the high school wrestling team and quickly made a name for himself in the school. Meanwhile, a true crime podcaster from LA arrives in Iron Lake and befriends Dexter’s police chief girlfriend. Miss you here!

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Already Dexter: New Blood Episode 2, When the case of a common missing person becomes a crime scene, Dexter’s cabin becomes the home base for search and rescue. Terrible time for Dexter, who is trying to reunite with his long-lost son Harrison. As Angela and Harrison become known, Dexter struggles to keep his old and new world separate.

Warning … spoiler down!

On Dexter: New Blood Episode 3, Dexter’s attempt to overtake the police falls into another problem. The search for Matt is still going on, and the presence of someone else in the distance shows that many of Dexter’s people are watching him.

Dexter and Kurt Caldwell in Dexter’s New Blood Episode 3

Her efforts to cover her tracks are not being helped by Harrison. After all, Dexter has become a ‘father’ again, and this is his last thing now.

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And then new evidence comes to the fore. Angela has revealed that she has footage of Matt shooting a deer before he dies. Dexter panicked, but fortunately for him, the pictures were more like a heat map.

The faces may not be visible, but It was clear that another man was present with Matt in the woods. Back at the crime scene, Dexter does his best to ‘help’.

He finished up to the investigator’s cottel. The latter discovers that there has been a bad game, and Dexter realizes that he needs to be more careful. A DNA test of the blood at the scene confirmed that it belonged to Matt.

Dexter New Blood Episode 3 smells of matte

Dexter New Blood Episode 3 smells of matte

Angela thinks anyone killed Matt because he shot a deer on the restricted Seneca land. He tells Dexter that the search for a dog is on, so as a way to help, the smell of Dexter Matt’s clothing spreads across the country.

Excluding the explicit criminal investigation, we bring back Lily, who was seen in a cabin, as shown in the previous episode.

Then from somewhere, he feels the opportunity of freedom. The door, which had been locked before, opened as he ran for his life. But before he got anywhere, Someone shot him.

Meanwhile, Harrison is not doing well in other respects. He could not spend his time in school well. After a placement test, Harrison is told he cheated.

Dexter, the model father that he wants to be, does not support his son. So what does Harrison do? Okay, he tests again with higher marks.

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Back to the investigation, Dexter knows he needs to get rid of Matt’s body. He can’t bury it, because the frozen weather makes it impossible, when the lake isn’t exactly deep.

With no other option, he decided to keep it in a mine. While he was doing this, he discovered a bear that was sleeping. After waking up, he hurts, knowing that he might become someone else’s diner.

The day was full of challenges, with Dexter having dinner with Harrison, Angela and Audrey. He apologizes to Harrison for not believing in his skills at school, subconsciously admitting that his murder could be worth his happiness.

He is determined to hold on to his family no matter what. With that in mind, He threw Matt’s body into the furnace. Then, Dexter makes a solemn promise that He will never kill again.

But as the episode draws to a close, Kurt apparently gets drunk and says he confronts Matt. It’s a lie, but the question is, why? Is it just a case of intoxication? Does he know Dexter is involved??

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Date of broadcast: November 21, 2021

Dexter: New Blood Cast

  • Michael C. Hall As Dexter Morgan / Jim Lindsay
  • Jennifer Carpenter As Debra Morgan
  • Jack Alcott As Harrison Morgan
  • Julia Jones Angela as bishop
  • Alano Miller As Logan
  • Johnny Sequoia As Audrey
  • Clancy Brown As Kurt Caldwell
  • Frederick Lehane As Edward Olsen

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