Nicola Peltz, 27 Marries Brooklyn Beckham, 23

Nicola Peltz, 27 Marries Brooklyn Beckham, 23

Nicola Peltz is an American actress and model who in April 2022 got married to Brooklyn Beckham. Brooklyn is the son of celebrity couple, David and Victoria Beckham.

Nicola was born into the family of Claudia Peltz nee Heffner and Billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz. However, she has been in movies such as Bates Motel, The Last Airbender, which she had to study Tai Chi for, and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

She came into the spotlight recently for her marriage to Brooklyn on the 9th of April 2022. It was news that made a lot of headlines because of its aesthetics, guests, and the story surrounding it.

Facts About Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham’s Wife

1. Biography of Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz was born on January 9, 1995, in Westchester County, New York. She was brought up alongside 7 siblings consisting of 6 brothers and a sister. She is of mixed ethnicity as both parents are from different places.

The young lady is Jewish as it is her father’s religious belief. Her mother is Italian and German-British. Her mother known as Claudia Heffner is a model and her dad, Nelson Peltz is a businessman who has acquired a lot of wealth over the years.

2. Her husband is the son of Famous Celebrities

Brooklyn Beckham is the son of English former professional football player, David Beckham. David got married to Victoria Adams on the 4th of July 1999 after dating for about 2 years. However, months before their wedding, they had their first child on the 4th of March 1999.

Victoria Beckham nee Adams is a singer, songwriter, and member of the girl group ‘Spice Girls’, as well as an entrepreneur. She is also a fashion designer who is also known to be a popular face on TV. Victoria is the co-founder of ‘Victoria Beckham Beauty’ and shares ownership with Sarah Creal. However, she is also recognized as a TV personality who has shot about 5 documentaries about her life and family.

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Brooklyn is also a celebrity chef who has had his own fair share of modeling and photography careers. However, he is now working on becoming a professional chef and has a video series. Although the series titled Cookin’ with Brooklyn attracted wide-range criticism, he is still in this profession.

3. Nicola has Modeled at Paris Fashion Week

At a very young age, Nicola started modeling. At the age of 12, she even got a talent manager but her mother was against it. However, when her mother saw how talented and passionate she was, she opened up to the idea.

The billionaire daughter of Nelson Peltz has, as part of her modeling journey, walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week. She was part of the models who walked for Alexander Wang’s last fashion show for Balenciaga on the 15th of October 2015.

Peltz even made it to the list of 55 faces of the future in the Young Hollywood Issue of Nylon Magazine.

4. Brief Details of her Acting Career

Nicola Peltz’s acting career started in 2006 with a Christmas comedy movie titled Deck the Halls. The next year, she was part of a theatre club production of the movie Blackbird. Her first series was in 2013 with A&E’s Bates Motel.

Pelts has also made cameos in music videos like Miley Cyrus’ 7 Things. However, she has continued with her acting stints, appearing in series and movies. She isn’t restricted to any type of movie as she does comedy, thriller, sci-fi, and adventures.

The newest Beckham inclusion has been featured in over 15 movies and series. The most recent of them was Immigrant, where she played Dorothy Stratten, Lola James (as Lola James), and Holidate as Felicity which was released in 2020.

5. She has been Engaged since 2020

Nicola and Brooklyn wedding
Nicola and Brooklyn on their wedding evening. Image Source: (Instagram)

Brooklyn and Nicola began to date in January of 2020. By 11th July of the same year, they knew they wanted more and got engaged. The report has it that they probably would have gotten married in the same year or in 2021 if not for the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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Nonetheless, two years down the line, they finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony. The wedding took place on the 9th of April 2022 in the Peltz mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

Prior to her relationship and marriage to Brooklyn, Nicola was in a relationship with Anwar Hadid. He is also an actor, model, and reality TV personality. He was born on June 22, 1999, in California, USA.

6. She is Older than her Husband

Nicola Peltz the model and actress was born on January 9, 1995, and this makes her 27 years old at the moment. Her husband, Brooklyn Beckham was born on March 4, 1999, and so he is 23 years old.

Given this, she is 4 years older than her husband. However, this isn’t a big deal to the couple or their family members. In fact, it is worth noting that Brooklyn’s parents share a similar love story. Victoria is about a year older than her husband, David.

7. She has Tattoos

Peltz reportedly has a couple of tattoos on her body. First, she has matching tattoos with her brother, the actor who is in Hebrew and Yiddish. The ink located on their ribs both read ‘Family’ and ‘Family first’ and is written both ways in both languages.

Nicola’s tattoo says ‘family first’ in Yiddish while Will’s says ‘family’ in Hebrew.

Similarly, she has a tattoo of her husband’s name while he got a tattoo of her grandmother’s name on his body as well. These tattoos were gotten in honor of the other person.

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8. Who are Nicola Peltz’ Siblings?

As earlier stated, the young lady has 7 siblings consisting of 6 brothers and a sister. The names of her brothers are Will Peltz, Brad Peltz, Matthew Peltz, Diesel Peltz, Zack, and his twin brother Greg Peltz. Her sister is named Brittany Buerstedde nee Peltz.

These siblings consist of half-siblings whom she shares a close relationship with. She is the youngest of them all and so grew up learning and being protected by her older siblings. Will Peltz is a recognized actor while Brad Peltz is a hockey player.

9. She Played Ice Hockey when she was Younger

Growing up as the youngest of 8 children consisting of 6 boys, she became a tomboy. She was even made to play hockey as a child. According to the model, she believes her father wanted her to be part of the Ice Hockey Women’s league. However, she had her heart somewhere else and didn’t see this through.

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10. Interesting things to Note about Nicola Peltz’s Big Day

There are quite a number of interesting takes from the lavish wedding of this celebrity. One of these is the fact that the ceremony was star-studded having over 300 guests comprising primarily celebrities.

Some of the famous names who were in attendance include Mel C, Venus Williams, Eva Longoria, Chef Randy, and a host of other celebrities.

Also, her dress was a topic on so many lips as not only was it designed and made by a celebrity designer, but it also carries a story. She had been in talks with the wedding dress designers for over a year but the most interesting detail about her gown was the message it carried.

It is said that Claudia had the designers include a talisman in the wedding gown. Additionally, Nicola’s mother had them sew a message to the dress using blue threads.

Another note-worthy information is the fact that both family members had important roles to play at the wedding. The bride’s grandmother served as her maid of honor while the last of the Beckham boys were their older brother’s groomsmen. Brooklyn’s little sister also served as one of Peltz’s flower girls.

Brooklyn and his wife’s best friend also met for the very first time a few days before the wedding and it was an emotional moment for Nicola. Another emotional moment was witnessed during the wedding ceremony. This time, it was from the father of the groom who broke down into tears during his speech. Going down memory lane, David Beckham had moments of emotional outburst while remembering the birth and nurturing of his son.

The newlyweds also signed a pre-nuptial agreement that stated that in the case of separation or divorce, they get to keep their individual properties.

Most importantly was the fact that at their wedding, the Peltz solicited help for Ukrainians. Nelson stated that people should help raise funds to send to those who the ongoing war had affected in Ukraine.

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