Nitish Kumar lives in the reign of JDU Superboss: Why remain a JDU Superboss, lick Nitish Kaman Kis Aur Aur Ko Netritwa Apna Paas Yeh Plan

Nitish Kumar lives in the reign of JDU Superboss: Why remain a JDU Superboss, lick Nitish Kaman Kis Aur Aur Ko Netritwa Apna Paas Yeh Plan
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Nitish Kumar lives in the reign of JDU Superboss: Why remain a JDU Superboss, lick Nitish Kaman Kis Aur Aur Ko Netritwa Apna Paas Yeh Plan

Nitish Kumar lives in the reign of JDU Superboss: Why remain a JDU Superboss, lick Nitish Kaman Kis Aur Aur Ko Netritwa Apna Paas Yeh Plan


  • Why does Nitish Kumar want to be JDU’s superboss?
  • After the expansion of Modi’s cabinet, there was an uproar in the JDU
  • In an important decision, Nitish Kumar handed over the reins of JDU to Lalan Singh
  • Chief Minister Nitish is eyeing the 2024 Lok Sabha elections

The ruling JDU in Bihar has seen a lot of upheaval in the past. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was particularly upset when his party split into two after the expansion of Modi’s cabinet. His close confidante and Rajya Sabha MP Ramchandra Prasad Singh (RCP Singh) became the only party leader to get a seat in the Union Cabinet. This shattered the hopes of many, including Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh. It all happened at a time when Lalan Singh and Ashok Chaudhary were constantly helping their boss Nitish Kumar to strengthen the party’s position. This is because the BJP, a strong ally of the Bihar NDA alliance, had begun to influence the government’s decision-making process.

Nitish played this bet to stop the chaos in the JDU
However, Nitish Kumar soon took the important decision to stop the chaos in the JDU. He replaced RCP Singh with Lalan Singh as the party’s national president. As well as taking power in Bihar, it is important for 70-year-old Nitish Kumar that his party is in a strong position in the state. The results of the Assembly elections in 2020 were a little difficult for him as the JDU slipped to third place with only 43 seats. As a result, the BJP proved itself to be a big brother and secured the posts of two Deputy Chief Ministers for itself along with the major departments of the ministry.

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Responded by pushing the lamp
Considering the dire situation of the party, Nitish Kumar started planning anew. He gave a big push to Chirag Paswan first. When LJP’s lone MLA Rajkumar Singh joined the JDU. Not only that, but four LJP MPs revolted against Chirag Paswan in support of the JDU leader. Nitish has secured a seat in the Union Cabinet for the Pashupati Paras faction. This boosted the party’s morale as the JDU lost at least 25 seats in the Bihar elections after the LJP fielded a candidate.

Now Nitish is emphasizing on this plan
Now Nitish Kumar is focusing on strengthening his social base. If party insiders are trusted, the LJP’s Pashupati faction will eventually merge with the JDU, bringing a large section of the Paswan community to Nitish’s side. However, given the patriarchal nature of politics, no one can say for sure, because inheritance is often passed on to the child, not to the brother. However, even before the death of Chirag’s father Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish himself had played a big political gamble by announcing that he would give all the benefits of the Mahadalit class to the Paswan community. But his game failed to convince his community, which is why he voted for Chirag Paswan in the Assembly elections.

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Love-kush equation re-selected option
The big challenge for Nitish Kumar is to maintain his OBC vote share, as well as to infiltrate the social base of arch-rivals RJD and allied BJP. Many recent steps taken by the JD (U) leader show this as he believes it will be difficult to form a rainbow alliance of all sections like 2010. Which was enhancing their political future at the time. In 2015, he won by a majority of Lalu Yadav’s votes. So, Nitish Kumar’s real test was in 2020, in which his party did not perform as expected. The party slipped to third place after RJD, BJP. This is why he re-selected the Love-Kush (Kurmi-Kori) equation he created in the 90s.

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The reason behind making Lalan Singh the president of JDU
Nitish himself belongs to the Kurmi community. He handed over the responsibility to JDU president Umesh Kushwaha and brought Upendra Kushwaha back to the party. Both leaders belong to the Koiri community. By making Lalan Singh the national president, he took steps to get the upper caste Bhumihar vote and address their grievances. Before Lalan Singh, Chief Minister Nitish retained Brahmin leader Sanjay Jha in his cabinet, who played a key role in winning several seats in Mithilanchal. Both Bhumihars and Brahmins are considered BJP supporters.

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Nitish is eyeing 2024 Lok Sabha elections!
Rarely will you find a Chief Minister who is so seriously engaged in strengthening his political footsteps, even at a time when the new government is less than a year old. Many believe that Nitish’s busy schedule has brought him to the back seat. As a result, even the allied BJP has not backed down from attacking the deteriorating law and order situation, but Nitish is focusing on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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Only pawns with positions in JDU? Understand Nitish’s game plan
A colleague in Nitish’s cabinet told me that this election would determine the status and direction of the next phase of Bihar politics. Nitish Kumar will not contest for the Chief Minister’s post. However, he may shift to Delhi. When I asked if he was working on a succession plan, he refused. He said he was in no hurry for the second line at the moment. His son and family members are not interested in politics. Many others in the JDU mention the same thing. In fact, the distance from family politics was crucial in making Nitish Kumar one of the great leaders. It shows his honesty and commitment to public service. In such a situation, the question arises, why is he working so hard to strengthen his party? The answer is simple, he wants to hand over the responsibility but keep the leadership in hand.

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