No time for movie reviews in Hindi, Rating: {4.5 / 5

No time for movie reviews in Hindi, Rating: {4.5 / 5
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No time for movie reviews in Hindi, Rating: {4.5 / 5

No time for movie reviews in Hindi, Rating: {4.5 / 5

Sunnya Suresh, Mumbai

British intelligence agent James Bond has now retired. He is now living alone. But in the meantime, he finds himself caught up in the mystery of Project Heracles. The more he tries to solve it, the more complicated it becomes. Sometimes he feels like he’s losing. But can he accomplish this mission? Will the mystery of Project Hercules be solved? The film ‘No Time to Die’ is a feature of this.

‘No Time to Die’ is special for fans of James Bond franchise movies. Because this is Daniel Craig’s last film as a James Bond actor. At first he was not even ready to do the film, but eventually he was distracted. The screening of the film has also been delayed due to the Corona epidemic. Naturally, the audience’s enthusiasm for ‘No Time to Die’ is higher than usual. The good thing is that the movie doesn’t disappoint you. On the contrary, it provides better entertainment than expected in many ways.

From the beginning of the film, the intro scene, it has been decided that a touch of romance will be added to the action. There will be explosions and it will also be a story of deception. The story of the film connects you to the first scene and puts you in a chair. The special thing is that this movie is 2 hours 43 minutes long. This is bigger than any previous Bond movie. But the thrill is that you want something else.

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The story of this film has everything you would expect from Daniel Craig as Bond. It is also a tribute to the old 007 films starring Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Like the James Bond franchise films, the film has luxurious vehicles, equipped with new and modern weapons. There are fancy gadgets. The scientific idea has a twist. There is a dangerous action sequence and a villain who never gives up. James Bone is out to save the world once again and it all boosts your enthusiasm.

The film shows some of Bond’s friends and some old opponents standing against him. The story progresses in such a way that it attempts to somehow end Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond. You are also told that there is a female agent just like Bond. This agent’s name is Nomi and was assigned as 007. This female agent was hired while James Bond was on break. However, what happens next in this film franchise depends on the imagination and imagination of the audience. While the world is in a state of epidemic, the film deals with the subject of DNA and genocide, which is a coincidence. The point to keep in mind here is that this film was being made a long time ago.

Amidst all the fears and possibilities, the film gives Daniel Craig a chance to celebrate as the protagonist. In this movie he not only looks in his top form, but he looks better than usual. Rami Malik makes an impression with his character as Hannibal Das. Director Carrie Joji Fukunaga has connected Bond fans to a celebration that will be remembered for many years to come. Although Lee Seddox’s character is complex and mysteriously perfect, she handles it. Although Anna de Armas has a small role as Bond’s assistant, she remembers. Lashana Lynch impresses as new 007.

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If you are a fan of James Bond movies then ‘No Time to Die’ is the perfect movie for you. The good thing is that it has been screened in cinemas. So, definitely enjoy watching it on the big screen.

No time to die

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