Not just MBA .. Do a fully employed MBA – International MBA is the future

Not just MBA .. Do a fully employed MBA – International MBA is the future
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Not just MBA .. Do a fully employed MBA – International MBA is the future

Not just MBA .. Do a fully employed MBA – International MBA is the future

India is still a major center for management graduates around the world. Recently, students and professors from UCLA, the Los Angeles University of Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) program, came here for a study program. Gauri Rane says:

Job opportunities are still uneven in many countries, but there are good opportunities for management graduates from top B-schools around the world. Keeping in mind the demands of global managers, these B-schools are creating special capsule programs for students so that students can understand the global economy. The trip is part of a curriculum based on the business environment in India, said Roman Waxierg, a professor of economics at CLM. This course is part of a series of courses designed specifically for students in different countries to learn about business, especially in emerging markets. Earlier, Femba students have also traveled to China, Chile and South Korea to understand the economies of these countries. There are many reasons to focus on India, including its GDP growth, middle class growth, economic sector growth, Wexiorg said.

Harish Aneja, an MBA from UCLA Anderson, says China and most developed countries are struggling with an aging population, while half of India’s population is less than 26 years old. In addition, a strong education system and the world’s largest English-speaking population also enables India to select management graduates from around the world.

What is a fully planned MBA?
Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) is a 3 year program. Professor Waxierg said classes at the Femba program are held in the evenings and on weekends so that students’ work schedules are not disrupted. Students can only take the course of the MBA program offered at CLA Anderson. They have the same options, the same network of alumni and career services. They also get the same degree. In addition, the program also introduces some innovations such as international study tours, global admissions programs, as well as students of this course working for 6 months with international companies. CLA has also launched a pilot hybrid Femba division this year. It will combine online learning with periodic weekly visits to the CLA campus.

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International MBA – Future
Harish Aneja said MBA aspirants need to adapt to the global economic environment. The International MBA helps identify opportunities in the international market, bring more innovation to emerging markets, reduce operating costs, and increase retail revenue.

Most companies are globalizing and operating without regard to boundaries. Waxierg thinks that MBA graduates who are familiar with the global situation of business and can speak in detail on international markets are better than graduates who focus on domestic markets. He said Femba is getting a good response as students do not have to quit their jobs to do a full-time MBA under the program. According to him, this recession is a good time to go to school as there is less risk of losing good job opportunities at this time.

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