Now ‘history’ will not seem boring! – Now history will not be boring

Now ‘history’ will not seem boring!  – Now history will not be boring
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Now ‘history’ will not seem boring!  – Now history will not be boring

Now ‘history’ will not seem boring! – Now history will not be boring

Akanksha Prabhu, MumbaiWhile students are usually scared about history, they need to understand that history is a scoring subject. Instead of panicking about it, they should try to understand its subject, then they can easily get good marks in it. Today, Raju Vasant Pagare, a history teacher at Thakur Vidya Mandir High School and Junior College, Kandivali (East), is giving important advice to 10th (State Board) students for better preparation of history.

All the best!
Planet School is closing today. Hopefully, this initiative of NBT will definitely be useful for the students. NBT has always been interested in providing the necessary guidance to the students. The great scientist and former President of the country A.P.J. Remember the saying of Abdul Kalam- ‘Learning leads to creativity, creativity gives the ability to think, thinking increases knowledge and knowledge makes you great’. Happy Graha Pathshala to all students including 10th and 12th class students.

1- History is a scoring subject. The score always has room, even higher.
2- Students should write all the answers in his exam in marks.
3- Before writing the answers to the questions, they should read it carefully and understand what has actually been asked.
4- If you get stuck while writing the answer to a question, go ahead without wasting time. Start answering the remaining questions. You can finally write down the answers to the difficult questions so that your time is not wasted.

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Important topic
– Questions IA and IB, VI, VII, VIII are optional. That’s a total of 16 points. In this, if the candidates have studied all the subjects well, they can easily get full marks.
– Option II, III and IX are asked in total 10 marks including options. The answer is to write in 25 to 30 words. Students should try to write at least 4-6 marks.
Question IV is of 6 marks. Students should write the answer in 30-40 words. Must write 6-8 marks in the answer. In this too they are given a choice.
-Query is 8 marks with V. Have students write the answer in 60-80 words. These types of questions are subjective / long or say like an essay. When writing an answer, keep in mind that an introduction, a detailed explanation, and a conclusion must be given.
-Be sure to highlight important things in long answers, especially when you are writing answers in marks. When writing on topics such as the causes of imperialism, the First World War and the Second (World Wars I and II), the Cold War, be sure to highlight the issues.
Candidates should write only those questions which they are sure about. Write the one that suits you best.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you present the paper well. Never mention unnecessary things in it.
Sample paper

The best way to motivate yourself is to not stress yourself out by thinking ‘what if’. Focus on study and hard work instead. Both of these things can give you results. In the end, the important thing is a good start and a great ending. – Raju Vasant Pagare, History Teacher, Thakur Vidya Mandir High School and Junior College

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