Nutan had slapped Sanjeev Kumar because of a rumor

Nutan had slapped Sanjeev Kumar because of a rumor
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Nutan had slapped Sanjeev Kumar because of a rumor

Nutan had slapped Sanjeev Kumar because of a rumor

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New Delhi. Today is the 83rd birthday of Bollywood’s best actor Sanjeev Kumar. He was born on 9 July 1938 in Surat. Not many people know that Sanjeev Kumar’s real name was Harihar Jethalal Jariwala. He has worked in many Bollywood films. People liked his acting very much. He left a deep impression on the audience with his acting. It is said about Sanjeev Kumar that he was known for his acting as well as his simplicity. He earned a lot of name from films like ‘Sholay’ and ‘Mohabbat Aur Khuda’. But apart from professional life, he remained in the limelight for his personal life.

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Nutan and Sanjeev Kumar’s affair broke the news
Once due to actress Nutan, he also came in a lot of discussion. Nutan slapped Sanjeev Kumar in the 70s. Actually, both were shooting for the film ‘Devi’ at that time. Although Nutan did not talk to any of her co-stars during the shooting, but during the shooting of the film ‘Devi’, she had a good friendship with Sanjeev Kumar. In such a situation, the news of the affair of both of them also started coming in the media. When Nutan came to know about this, she was furious.


Sanjeev Kumar was slapped
Not only this, a newspaper published the news about Sanjeev Kumar and Nutan that Nutan is not happy with her marriage and soon she is going to marry Sanjeev Kumar. According to the news, Nutan came to know about these news. At the same time, he also came to know that this rumor is being spread by none other than Sanjeev Kumar himself. Knowing this, Nutan got furious. He angrily slapped Sanjeev Kumar on the set itself.

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they needed to be shown their place
Talking about this, Nutan had said in an interview, “I needed to show him in his place. After saying whatever I should have said, I calmed down and said ‘let’s finish the love scene’ and we finished the scene too.” It was also said about Sanjeev Kumar that he used to like Hema Malini a lot. He wanted to marry her. He proposed Hema Malini for marriage. But she turned down the proposal of Sanjeev Kumar and she married Dharmendra.

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