On the eviction of Sahil Shroff from Bigg Boss 15

On the eviction of Sahil Shroff from Bigg Boss 15
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On the eviction of Sahil Shroff from Bigg Boss 15

On the eviction of Sahil Shroff from Bigg Boss 15

It’s been a week since ‘Bigg Boss 15’ started. The show started with 13 contestants. But Sahil Shroff became homeless in the first week. Sahil Shroff is also a little surprised by his dismissal, but no complaints. After becoming homeless, Sahil Shroff recently spoke to our colleague Times of India about what went wrong for him and where he lost.

Before entering the house of ‘Bigg Boss’, Sahil Shroff was told about the advice given to him by some people. He was doing it, but he went wrong.

‘I was told to take the time to open it and it turned out to be wrong’

Sahil Shroff said, ‘I slowly started building my place in the Bigg Boss house. I was taking my time and everyone noticed. I slowly started talking to the rest of the contestants, but then walked away. Before entering Big Boss’s house, some people told me that I should take some time to open. But the rest of the contestants did not. I think that thing went wrong for me. I have no problem with my eviction. I went to the show just for the experience. Anyway, I was missing a lot in my daily life.

The most famous faces of TV in ‘Bigg Boss’, even more damage

Sahil Shroff further said that most of the TV faces in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ are well known this time and this also proved to be detrimental to him. He said, ‘Most people are well-known faces on TV and this was a loss for me. I went there as an underdog. I have a different outlook and thought about life and I decide accordingly.

Sahil said this after being nominated

Asked if he was at a loss for not watching Bigg Boss last season, Shroff said, “No, I don’t think so. I went to Bigg Boss’s house with an open mind and was looking for my way there. Everyone was nominated last week. If there was a round where everyone was asked to nominate, I don’t think I would have been nominated. I would have treated everyone well.

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