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Outriders class guide: Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in-game for Challenge Tiers

Outriders class guide: Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in-game for Challenge Tiers
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Outriders class guide: Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in-game for Challenge Tiers

Gamers who get pleasure from setting the battlefield ablaze in Outriders have come to like the damaging nature of the Pyromancer class in-game. The class excels at setting opponents on hearth and burning them until there’s nothing left however ash and cinder.

This class is properly suited for AOE injury and crowd management, with expertise resembling Heatwave, Ash Blast, and Overheat. Whereas not the “tankiest” of characters in Outriders, the Pyromancer class can dish out some smoldering injury whereas conserving a reasonably secure distance from the motion.

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Regardless of not being properly fortified just like the Devastator class, the Pyromancer could be kitted and loaded out to tackle Challenge tiers solo in Outriders. For now, some gamers studying this can be questioning, “What precisely are Challenge Tiers?”

Nicely, to place it merely, Challenge Tiers exchange World Tiers for Expeditions as soon as gamers end the marketing campaign. To boost the Challenge Tier stage in Outriders, gamers might want to attain sure medal thresholds in Expeditions. With every new tier unlocked, the probabilities of getting higher gear enhance.

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With the fundamentals out of the way in which, it is time to speak about the most effective Anomaly Pyromancer build in Outriders for Challenge Tiers, which many gamers are utilizing in-game to fiery impact.

Best Anomaly Pyromancer build in Outriders for Challenge Tiers

Earlier than gamers can go about burning enemies to ash, a whole lot of farming will probably be wanted to gather the objects and mods wanted to finish the build. The Acari Set for Pyromancer might be the most effective set gamers can receive in-game for the class.

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With that out of the way in which, it is time to speak in regards to the expertise, weapons, armor, mods, and class factors gamers will want for this build.


  • Heatwave – Summons a fiery wave that offers injury and inflicts “Burn” onto all enemies in its path.

  • Ash Blast – Creates an Anomaly blast to inflict “Ash” on all enemies in a big radius round you.
  • Overheat – Offers just a little injury to all enemies in a big radius and Interrupts their expertise. Enemies troubled with “Burn” obtain extra injury, and the “Burn” will probably be consumed.

With this mixture of expertise, gamers can burn total mobs of enemies simply; nevertheless, take into account that elites will in all probability not go down instantly.

My present favourite leveling build with my pyromancer has been heatwave, feed the flames, and volcanic rounds. I exploit mods like hearth eater and remaining breath for well being drain, nova, and journey the wave. Provides me tons of well being as a result of each one is buring on a regular basis.#Outriders pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/fAJVKwjJ44

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It is really useful to make use of Heatwaves, adopted by Ash Blast, and Overheat after the earlier talent has been lively for a bit. Rinse and repeat for most impact whereas enjoying as a Pyromancer in Outriders.

Weapons with Mods

  • Deathshield – When used together with “Fortress” and “Shadow Comet” mods, this weapon turns into a go gun for fight. Elites that survive the talent casts could be picked off simply with this weapon.
  • Funeral Pyre – When kitted out with the identical mods, this weapon turns into a helpful different gun.

When used together with expertise, these weapons are superb at selecting off enemies that survived the preliminary encounter.

Armor with Mods

  • Helmet of the Acari – The “Hearth Tsunami” and “Burnt Out” mods enhance the width of the firewall and trigger enemies to take extra injury.
  • Armor of the Acari – The “Detonator” and “Trip the Wave” mods assist lower the talent cooldown and permit the “Heatwave” talent to be forged as soon as extra time earlier than cooldown.

My work in progress pyromancer build simply want 3 items of the Acari set and this dangerous boy will slay in expeditions #Outriders #letsgo pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/MtQY03P421

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  • Waistcloth of the Acari – The “Anomaly Echo” and “Captain Hunter” mods are significantly ineffective for growing anomaly powers and dealing elevated injury to elites.
  • Battlefield Surgeon Gloves stage 50 – The mods “Pants of Hearth” and “Grasp Shopper” present insane advantages to the “Overheat” talent.
  • Patriarch Boots stage 50 – The “Ash enhance Vary” and “Demise Sentence” vastly enhance the “Ash Blast” talent, alongside weapon and anomaly injury.

Class Factors

Gamers might want to make investments closely within the Tempest department of the class factors to maximise this Pyromancer build in Outriders.

These are the really useful class factors gamers ought to spend money on.

  • Archmage X 5 – Improve Anomaly energy by 6%.
  • World Ablaze X3 (Taking one level from Ash Breaker department) – Scale back the cooldown of Explosive expertise by 15%
  • Gifted X2 – Improve Weapon injury and anomaly energy by 5%.
  • Extinction – Improve injury by 20% in opposition to enemies under 30% well being.
  • Inferno Bullets – Firepower is elevated by 15% of the anomaly energy.
  • Mark’s Cumulation – Improve talent injury by 10% in opposition to marked enemies.
  • With Hearth and Rifle – Activating explosive expertise will increase the weapon injury by 45% for 10 seconds.
  • Wild Hearth and Anomaly – Activating explosive expertise will increase Anomaly energy by 12% for 10 seconds.

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  • Wildfire – Decreases talent cooldown by 10%.
  • Unquenchable – Improve your Talent Leech by 6%.
  • Phoenix Nestling – Upon dropping all well being, gamers will obtain a second probability to return to the battlefield with 50% Well being. Phoenix can revive gamers each 180 seconds.
  • Conflagration – Will increase Resistance Piercing by 15%
  • Flames That Burn Twice – Improve injury in opposition to Elites by 10%.
  • Grave Ablaze – Improve explosive expertise base injury by 30%

This build goals to maximise anomaly energy, which advantages the talents that can burn by way of total mobs whereas enjoying as a Pyromancer in Outriders. Nonetheless, take into account that since this build focuses on injury output, gamers ought to preserve a watch out for low well being throughout engagements.

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