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Outriders class guide: Best Trickster build for CT15 after recent nerf

Outriders class guide: Best Trickster build for CT15 after recent nerf
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Outriders class guide: Best Trickster build for CT15 after recent nerf

The Trickster Build is perhaps tough to arrange with the brand new replace, however there’s a technique to make it OP even after the nerf.


Step one is to unlock abilities by way of the class tree. A Trickster Build affords gamers three distinct paths. They’ll take the Murderer, the Harbinger, or the Reaver path.

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When a participant will get a Class level as a Trickster Build, they need to purchase Arms Trick.

Image via Outriders Wiki
Picture by way of Outriders Wiki

A participant’s first ability within the Murderer tree is Arms Trick, and leveling up the Murderer tree to the utmost stage is required to create one of the best Trickster Build post-nerf.

A fantastic technique is to purchase many of the smaller circle abilities as a substitute of all these within the largest circles. Within the bigger circle, gamers ought to solely decide Shotgun Grasp, Disruptive Firepower, Outrider Executioner, Bounty Hunter, Oddity Summation, and Chilly Calculation.

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Getting a strong Trickster Build will assist gamers excel on the recreation rapidly. It might end in some feeling of lack of alternative; nevertheless, this play fashion has been round for many years.

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Gamers ought to all the time hold sure abilities useful after they’re utilizing this post-nerf Trickster build.

Bulletstorm, Equilibrium, and Ace of Trumps are the one abilities gamers shouldn’t choose. These abilities add little to the build and are redundant. A Trickster’s greatest build will likely be one which contributes probably the most in the long term.

After the nerf, these are the three greatest abilities to have available for Trickster builds.

Hunt the Prey:

Choose an enemy and teleport behind them, receiving a [7% of Anomaly Power] Protect bonus.

Venator’s Knife:

Throw a temporal knife at an enemy. The blade will ricochet between a most of 5 enemies inside a small radius, dealing [12% of Anomaly Power] harm and marking them. All marked targets will likely be inflicted by Gradual, and for 10 seconds, the primary harm dealt by you can be doubled.

Twisted Rounds:

Fill your present weapon’s journal with Anomaly-infused bullets that enhance your Hearth Energy by [50% of Anomaly Power]. The ability lasts till you reload or swap weapons.

These abilities work greatest with most Technomancer builds, however gamers ought to select based mostly on their playstyle. Gamers should be at their greatest, and gamers can solely do that with a build they’re snug taking part in in. Expertise to maintain available could fluctuate relying on the participant, so the participant ought to regulate these.

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