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Outriders mods guide: Fastest method to acquire mods for alternative characters

Outriders mods guide: Fastest method to acquire mods for alternative characters
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Outriders mods guide: Fastest method to acquire mods for alternative characters

Outriders mods are advanced, and when used together with the correct gear, expertise, and sophistication traits, they change into extraordinarily deadly and potent. Nevertheless, in-game farming mods should not simple as a result of higher-tier mods are arduous to come by.

Discovering and unlocking all mods in-game could be a daunting activity. Hours of grinding to discover highly effective gear, dismantle it, and acquire the mods might be irritating, particularly when gamers have to do it repeatedly on their alternative character within the account.

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Nevertheless, there’s a straightforward approach to unlock all mods for all alternative characters in-game.

This method could also be patched sooner or later, or maybe is a characteristic the builders put into the sport knowingly. However for now, this method works effectively.

The quickest method to acquire mods for alternative characters in Outriders

Outriders permits the creation of a number of characters in a single account. That is notably helpful for gamers who might want to check out all 4 courses presently current in-game or favor utilizing a selected class for expeditions and multiplayer gameplay.

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Whereas farming itself is tough in the meanwhile, following the foremost nerfs and rebalances that have been accomplished to plug the exploits in-game, there’s nonetheless a straightforward approach for gamers to unlock mods for all of the characters in a single account. This is how to do it.

  • Step 1 – Choose the armor or weapon mod(s), the alternative character wants, and fasten it to the suitable gear.
  • Step 2 – Put the gear into the stash, and swap to the character that wants the mod added to the library.
  • Step 3 – Dismantle the gear, and the mod(s) inside the gear can be added to the library for the alternative character.

Utilizing the stash is an excellent and quick method to acquire mods for alternative characters.

Since mods in Outriders do not operate as bodily gadgets and work extra like a digital library in-game, as soon as a mod has been added to the library, it stays and might be connected to gear indefinitely for a small worth.

Messing round with #Outriders mods/leveling stuff up and I’m ready to crank out 220k firepower and 430k armor throughout fight.

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The library is presently divided into two sections: armor mods and the opposite for weapon mods.

Every part has three tiers for mods and is none stackable on gear. There are presently 245 mods within the sport which might be unfold throughout weapons and armor.

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