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Outriders Update: The best way to quickly farm loot after the nerf

Outriders Update: The best way to quickly farm loot after the nerf
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Outriders Update: The best way to quickly farm loot after the nerf

Outriders carried out a nerf to cease gamers from getting an excessive amount of legendary loot too quickly, however gamers quickly discovered a brand new technique.


In Outriders, the best way for farming loot is by happening particular expeditions and doing parts the place they received legendaries. Because of the nerf replace, it’s way more difficult to accomplish this technique effectively. Gamers who use expeditions received’t acquire legendaries as quickly as they’ve in the previous, rendering it a slog.

@Outriders welp tried to farm and attain the ultimate tier, however caught on 14 and might’t even attain close to the tiers I’ve unlocked now. pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/Jax7B1qXcf

— Seth Wilcox (@KixError) April 9, 2021

The quickest methods to acquire assured loot are by means of hunts, needed posters, and historian quests. If the participant completes all of those quests, a reward is given to them. A participant can not do that if they modify their world tier from 1 to 15 simply earlier than submitting the quest. If the participant tries to exploit it, they’ll get low-level loot as a consequence.

Getting gold on expeditions was solely simple due to the overpowered builds, is senseless to nerf the builds AND the expeditions.

— Craig Inexperienced (@cagreen150912) April 8, 2021

As a substitute, gamers ought to full 9 of 10 hunts on World Tier 1 and end the final one with the highest world tier. As a result of gamers have nonetheless accomplished at the very least one hunt with a excessive world tier, they will get the highest loot attainable. From this technique, at the very least one legendary might be acquired by the participant.

15% + 15% + 10% nerf to my construct, good, guess I am finished enjoying

— Jean-Denis Guardian (@jdpower13) April 8, 2021

For needed posters and historians, that is additionally true. Gamers solely want to have a single completion of the highest degree attainable to qualify. By following the strategies above, gamers can purchase legendary loot extremely quickly and never want to fear about the results of the most up-to-date nerf.

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There are extra methods to farm loot in Outriders after the nerfs

When doing these quests, gamers ought to full the hardest challenges in World Tier 1 and hold one simple problem to do the most world tier. If gamers do that accurately, they need to full 10 of the hunts, needed posters, or historian quests in 40-45 minutes. You are able to do this pretty quickly, and it is so much much less time-consuming than incomes legendaries by means of expeditions.


Outriders’ builders will almost definitely nerf the sport to cease gamers exploiting the sport similar to the final farming technique. There’s a excessive likelihood that Outriders might be nerfed to be sure gamers solely obtain the loot from the lowest world tier accomplished in the quests. Earlier than this technique turns into too well-known, gamers should hurry up and accumulate as many legendaries as attainable.

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