Pakistan in Panjshir Valley: In Panjshir with Pakistan and Al Qaeda Taliban

Pakistan in Panjshir Valley: In Panjshir with Pakistan and Al Qaeda Taliban
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Pakistan in Panjshir Valley: In Panjshir with Pakistan and Al Qaeda Taliban

Pakistan in Panjshir Valley: In Panjshir with Pakistan and Al Qaeda Taliban

The Taliban is preparing to form its own government in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, there were reports that the Panjshir Valley had also fallen into the hands of this radical Islamic organization. However, Valley leaders have denied this and still claim full competition. In all this, the role of Pakistani strategy is being looked at.

Experts say Pakistan is trying to establish a Taliban government in Afghanistan for its own benefit and that al-Qaeda terrorists are helping. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has claimed responsibility for the attack, citing Panjshir leader Ahmed Massoud’s forces.

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Pakistani soldiers are also fighting?
Evidence of the presence of Pakistani troops along with the Taliban has also been found during the attack on Panjshir, according to a report by our affiliated TV channel Times Now. According to the report, the Northern Alliance has released a photograph of the identity card of a Pakistani soldier killed in the attack, making it clear that the Pakistani military was involved. The card bears the name of Mohammad Wasim, a Pakistani national.

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Panjshir’s defeat was also reported in the Pakistani media. Masood himself had directly challenged on Twitter that the news of Panjshir’s defeat was circulating in the Pakistani media, which was false. He wrote that the defeat of Panjshir would be his last day in the valley.

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Saleh accuses Al Qaeda of invading Pakistan
News of the defeat of the protest movement in the valley was directly denied by its leader and former vice president Amarullah Saleh. He said Panjshir had not yet been defeated and the troops were standing firm against the Taliban. He also accused Pakistan and Al Qaeda of carrying out joint attacks with other terrorist groups. “This is a difficult situation and we are facing attacks from the Taliban and Pakistan and Al Qaeda but we have not been defeated yet,” he said.

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Allegations against Pakistan, US denial
Earlier, former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had alleged that Pakistan had sent 10,000 to 15,000 people, including the Taliban, to take control of Kabul and Afghanistan. On the other hand, the Pentagon, which is the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, says it has found no evidence to confirm reports of Pakistani nationals working with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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Benefit Pakistan and Al Qaeda
However, once the Taliban government is established in Afghanistan, Pakistan wants to achieve its goal. He wants to send terrorist camps from his land to Afghanistan so that he can escape the whip of the international community. He has the sword of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) hanging over him, causing him huge financial losses. At the same time, al-Qaeda also congratulated the Taliban on its victory in Afghanistan. He also spoke about the independence of Kashmir, which could be a source of concern for India.

Panjshir Valley in danger

Panjshir Valley in danger

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