Penalties on Indigo: Penalties on airlines

Penalties on Indigo: Penalties on airlines
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Penalties on Indigo: Penalties on airlines

Penalties on Indigo: Penalties on airlines


  • Contractor Vinay Shankar Mishra was dropped off at Indigo
  • Vinay Shankar filed the suit in the consumer forum
  • The forum fined Indigo Airlines Rs 85.5 lakh

The state consumer dispute redressal commission has compensated flight operator Indigo. Vinay Shankar Tiwari has been fined by Indigo for bad service and unjust trade. The company will now have to pay Rs 85.5 lakh as compensation to the complainant.

Commission member Rajendra Singh said in his order that flight operator Indigo would have to pay Rs 35 lakh as compensation and Rs 50 lakh for mental distress. In addition, the case will cost Rs 50,000 with interest at 10% rate.

The incident of April 15, 2013
Vinay Shankar Tiwari had booked air tickets from Lucknow to Delhi on April 15, 2013 through Cleartrip. Indigo Flight No. 6 E-141 had ERBVLS, while departure time was 10.50 am. He arrived at Amausi Airport and boarded his allotted seat number 5A in the flight.

Alleged misconduct on the plane
The complainant said that before the flight, Indigo’s cabin crew informed her that her ticket had been canceled. He allegedly abused and insulted the plane and was thrown out of the flight.

When Tiwari inquired at Cleartrip, he was told that the ticket had not been canceled on his behalf. Further inquiries from Indigo revealed that a man named Shailendra had canceled his ticket at 7.38 am.

Ticket cancellation contact number not taken
The commission said that if the ticket was supposed to be canceled at 7.38 am, why did they allow Tiwari to check in. Indigo Airlines neither took the person’s mobile number nor gave Tiwari a screenshot of any message.

‘Unfair treatment of contractor’

After going through the situation and the evidence, the commission came to the conclusion that all this was due to the lack of service of the airlines. The commission said the misconduct by a national-level contractor was unjust. He was on his way to Delhi to attend an important meeting. They had to suffer a lot.

File photo: IndiGo Airlines' Airbus A320 flies to Colomiers near Toulouse, France

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