People getting angry at controversial updates

People getting angry at controversial updates
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People getting angry at controversial updates

People getting angry at controversial updates

Android 12 Changes: A new design tweak that first made its appearance with the second Android 12 beta is causing frustration among Android users. Notably, the Android 12 power menu looks a bit different and users are not happy.

New Delhi. Android 12 was officially introduced at Google I/O earlier this year. Since then it has seen its developer preview and three beta versions of the software (Android 12 Changes) and Google is now trying to prepare the fourth update. According to Google’s developer dashboard, another beta update is on track for August. And if all goes well, the update could be ready for primetime in September.

In some phones, Android 12 is available in the initial beta stage. Android 12 has a lot of bugs. Because of this, you may face problems not only in the smartphone experience but also in the functions of your phone. By taking advantage of some bugs, hackers can also damage the security of the phone. Google wants tech experts to find and report these security bugs. 7 crore will be given under the Android Security Rewards Program for reporting security bugs. These rewards will be given for finding bugs that are quite serious.

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However, users are now facing a lot of trouble. The main problem users have with the new Android 12 Power Menu is that it removes a lot of functionality. Whereas the old power menu included G Pay control and various options for controlling home appliances. The new power menu only has emergency, power off and restart options.

changes in Android 12

Also, many people have a lot of trouble in charging their phones. Which can have different reasons. As:-

Power Adapter:

Let us tell you that everything has its own life cycle and after some time they get spoiled. Although sometimes things go on for a long time but it does not happen every time. Same is the case with the charging cable. The cable may have a thick plastic cover on the top, but there are thin cables inside which are quite fragile. Not only this, there are many joints at the connecting point of the cable, whose chances of getting damaged are very high. In such a situation, if your phone is charging slowly, then the reason for this could also be the cable. Sometimes the charging is slow due to dust getting in the connector of the cable.

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Power Adapter:

Along with getting old, the power adapter also sometimes becomes the reason for phone malfunction or slow phone charging. The same problem comes in that too. Sometimes the plugs get damaged, sometimes there may be a problem with the slot with the charging cable. Not only this, when the phone is old, dust coming in the socket also makes a difference in the charging of the phone. The phone charges but slows down.

Phone power slot:

You know that the charger connects in three places during charging. The power plug into the socket, the cable into the socket and the cable then into the phone. We have seen two connections but it is also very important to see the connection of the phone. Most of the slow charging complaints are due to this slot. Sometimes the slot gets damaged, but sometimes this kind of problem occurs due to dust or moisture getting into the slot. Most of the complaints are about dust.

software update:

You must be wondering what the software has to do with charging. But let’s say that software has a lot to do with it. Sometimes, the reason behind the phone getting hot or slow while charging is not a software update. The phone is not updating and because of this the problem occurs.

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