Playing The Hulk in 2003 film was a 'one-off' moment, says actor Eric Bana

Playing The Hulk in 2003 film was a 'one-off' moment, says actor Eric Bana
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Playing The Hulk in 2003 film was a 'one-off' moment, says actor Eric Bana

Actor Eric Bana says enjoying Bruce Banner aka The Hulk in 2003 film Hulk grew to become as soon as a “one-off” second for him and he has no plans to come back to the superhero style.

Bana had famously carried out the titular superhero in the Ang Lee-directed film, which additionally featured Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas, and Gash Nolte.

The film got here out methodology earlier than the introduction of Hollywood’s superhero franchise custom, which is now in fats swing, mainly due to the the success of Marvel behemoth known as Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bana, 52, grew to become as soon as the primary actor to play Hulk on the big veil, succeeding the unhurried Bill Bixby, who starred in a TV collection in the 70s and 80s.

Talking about Hulk for the size of his look on WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Bana acknowledged, “It wasn’t a non permanent positive, that’s for superb. It took me a whereas to get dangle of my head round it. I wasn’t aware of the script earlier than signing onto the film.”

“It’s one in each of the proper movement images I personal completed the connect that grew to become as soon as the case. It appropriate wasn’t the carry out of film that I noticed myself doing,” he added.

The Australian actor acknowledged the methodology superhero films are made today is fairly assorted from the time when he starred in Hulk.

“The universe as you notice it didn’t exist encourage then. You completely didn’t poke appropriate into a film fancy that pondering you had been going to carry out further than one. That appropriate wasn’t in play. The expectations had been not the methodology they’re now. I approached it as a one-off,” he added.

When Marvel decided to ticket The Astonishing Hulk in 2008, Bana acknowledged he wasn’t contacted by the studio about whether or not he would fancy to come back encourage encourage.

Edward Norton had carried out Bruce Banner aka Hulk in the film, which grew to become as soon as one in each of the preliminary MCU duties. He grew to become as soon as later modified by Stamp Ruffalo, who has up to now essayed the section in seven movement images.

Bana admitted that superhero movement images are prone to be not his cup of tea.

“It’s why I haven’t re-dabbled in that condominium. They’re not the roughly film that I poke out and discover myself in order that dialog is one factor I personal with myself if I are making an try to be a section of it,” he acknowledged, along with that he has watched Norton’s mannequin of the superhero however by no methodology Ruffalo’s mannequin.

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