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Pokemon GO is unjustly banning players for cheating

Pokemon GO is unjustly banning players for cheating
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Pokemon GO is unjustly banning players for cheating

Many Pokemon GO players have been complaining about receiving unwarranted bans from Niantic.

Players who’re discovered on one offense of cheating sometimes obtain a seven-day suspension. Lately, although, suspended players have been returning to Pokemon GO after per week to search out that they’ve a second seven-day ban to attend out, probably lacking out on occasions just like the Spring into Spring occasion. Some players have even discovered third or fourth penalties and are nonetheless ready to play the sport once more.

Pokemon GO is unjustly banning players for cheating

Image via Niantic
Picture by way of Niantic

Niantic at the moment has a really clear coverage in opposition to cheating. They function on a three-strike system. The primary strike will get a participant a seven-day ban, whereas a second offense will probably be punished with a ban for so long as a month. A 3rd offense might result in the cheater’s account being completely banned.

Given this method, it is uncommon for players to even get to the second offense. In line with Niantic, 90% of players who received the primary ban stopped cheating afterwards and by no means received a second strike.

Now, nonetheless, players who get just one suspension frequently discover new suspensions on Pokemon GO, stopping them from taking part in the sport once more. Many players have tried to deal with the difficulty by emailing an enchantment to the secondary suspensions, however they both obtain generic copy and paste responses or no response in any respect.

A majority of the players who acquired their suspensions have been for spoofing Pokemon GO. Spoofing is a course of by which somebody can trick the GPS on their cellphone to make it seem as if it is being utilized in one other location.

A litany of posts on Reddit, Twitter, and different social media platforms have emerged about this challenge. Whereas some proceed to protest their innocence, many spoofers brazenly admit that they have been making an attempt to hack the sport. They understood why they deserved their preliminary ban, simply not the next ones.

Niantic has but to make an official response to this challenge. Nonetheless, it is probably that there is a bug that they may patch out quickly. Niantic is, in the meanwhile, coping with errors from Staff GO Rocket encounters, so they may have their fingers full for some time.

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