Pokimane live streams with her cousin from Morocco for the first time

Pokimane live streams with her cousin from Morocco for the first time

Throughout a current “Simply Chatting” live stream, Imane “Pokimane” Anys launched viewers to her cousin “Sou.”

Pokimane’s household doesn’t typically function on her social media content material. The Morocco-born streamer presently resides in Canada.

The streamer’s cousin “Sou” was well-received by her viewers, as she ended up roasting Pokimane over her relationship standing. Pokimane additionally revealed that she seldom will get to see her cousin, who lives in Texas.


Pokimane introduces her cousin “Sou” to viewers throughout live stream

Pokimane launched her cousin “from Africa” and revealed that she “by no means will get to see her,” which is why Sou featured in her content material for the first time. The streamer then requested Sou to introduce herself. Nonetheless, Sou seemingly didn’t need to reveal her actual title, and turned to her cousin for recommendation. Pokimane instructed her that she will be able to inform the chat her “nickname.”

“Okay, effectively, you may all simply name me Sou. I’m from Morocco, or my precise actual title is Pokey’s cousin.”

Pokimane additionally instructed her chat that her cousin’s title is spelled as “Sou,” as a few of the viewers had assumed that it was spelled “Sue.” Sou went on to disclose fairly a couple of particulars about herself. She lives in Texas, and solely just lately graduated. Pokimane spent a protracted time bantering with her cousin, and finally requested her about “her a part of Texas.”


“I just lately graduated. I’ve been dwelling in Texas for some time. (My a part of Texas has the) greatest meals, I’ll say that a lot. It’s like the dry arid a part of Texas. We obtained a whole lot of mud devils, monsoons. It will get fairly loopy.”

Pokimane went on to joke about how her cousin was as “scorching” as climate in her hometown. Sou additionally revealed that she grew up in Morocco, and stated that individuals must see the nation for themselves with the intention to perceive the place. In the direction of the finish, Pokimane claimed that Sou performed a bigger number of video games in comparison with her. Sou revealed to the chat that she was a Minecraft fan and seemed very comfy streaming with her cousin.

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In October 2014, Pokimane had posted a childhood image of herself alongside with one other child known as “Sou.”

She had additionally posted the above photos in July 2017. Once more, it isn’t confirmed whether or not the cousin in the photos is certainly “Sou.”

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