Poonam Dhillon Yash Chopra Affair Know About Her Love Affair

Poonam Dhillon Yash Chopra Affair Know About Her Love Affair
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Poonam Dhillon Yash Chopra Affair Know About Her Love Affair

Poonam Dhillon Yash Chopra Affair Know About Her Love Affair

New Delhi. Actress Pooram Dhillon is one of the most beautiful actresses of Hindi cinema. Also, at the age of 16, she made the whole country proud by adorning her head as Miss India. Poonam Dhillon worked with many big actors in many Hindi films. It would not be wrong to say that Poonam was one of the popular and most talked-about actresses of her time. There used to be news of their linkups in the industry. His name has also been associated with famous filmmaker Yash Chopra.

Filmmaker Yash Chopra was crazy about Poonam Dhillon

It is said that filmmaker Yash Chopra had become crazy about the beauty of Poonam Dhillon. At the same time, before Yash Chopra, Poonam’s name was also associated with director Ramesh Talwar. According to the news, the love of Poonam Dhillon and Ramesh Talwar had blossomed. But then the news of Yash Chopra’s affair with Poonam got published in Manjin. It is said that during her early career, Poonam lived with Yash Chopra in her house. But the relationship between Poonam and Yash Chopra did not last long.

Wanted to marry director Raj Sippy

After breakup with Yash Chapoda, Poonam Dhillon’s name was associated with famous film director Raj Sippy. Raj Sippy was already married. Poonam sincerely wanted her to marry Raj. On the other hand, Raj Sippy liked Poonam very much, but he would not even divorce his wife.

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Poonam Dhillon married Ashok Thakeria in stubbornness

Due to not getting married with Raj Sippy, Poonam ended her relationship with him too. After which her name started getting associated with film producer Ashok Thakeria. There was a lot of closeness between the two. Poonam wanted her to marry Ashok Thakeria and get set in her life, but before marrying Ashok Thakeria, many people explained to Poonam that she should not take a decision in haste.

But Poonam did not listen to anyone in front of her stubbornness and she married Ashok Thakeria. After marriage, Ashok and Poonam had a son and daughter. After marriage and children, the relationship between Poonam and Ashok started getting sour. After which both got divorced in the year 1997. Poonam now leaves her husband’s house and lives with her children.

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everyone wanted to teach her husband

Poonam and Ashok had a love marriage. After a few years of marriage, the news of Poonam’s husband Ashok’s extramarital affair started coming to the fore. Hearing this, Poonam got very upset. In such a situation, Poonam decided that she would teach her husband a lesson. For which Poonam Dhillon herself started having extra marital affair. So that her husband Ashok can understand his mistake. It is said that Poonam had an affair with a Hong Kong businessman. Whose name was Kiku. When the news came out, Poonam and Ashok Thakeria got divorced.

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