Pradeep Sharma had taken the betel nut for the murder of Mansukh Hiren

Pradeep Sharma had taken the betel nut for the murder of Mansukh Hiren
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Pradeep Sharma had taken the betel nut for the murder of Mansukh Hiren

Pradeep Sharma had taken the betel nut for the murder of Mansukh Hiren


  • The NIA made major revelations about Pradip Sharma and Sachin Waje in its chargesheet
  • Former flirtatious expert Pradip Sharma had conspired to kill Hiren Mansukh
  • Sachin Waje handed over a bag full of notes to Pradip Sharma to carry out the murder

Hiren Mansukh’s murder contract was awarded to former encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma. Sachin Vaze accused Pradip Sharma’s NGO of killing PS. He went to the foundation’s office and gave Sharma a bag full of Rs 500-500 notes. The NIA has disclosed this in its chargesheet. Hiren Mansukh was murdered on March 4. According to the NIA, after getting the job of killing Mansukh, Pradip Sharma called Santosh Shelar, the accused in the case, to see if he would commit murder. Shelar is ready.

Sachin Waje had convened a meeting at his CIU office on March 2 to plot the murder, which also included Pradip Sharma and Crime Branch inspector Sunil Mane. Hiren Mansukh was already there. The NSA says Waze called Sharma and Mane to his office to identify Mansukh. In the evening of the same day, Sachin Waje once again met Sunil Mane at Andheri’s Chakla and gave him the SIM card and mobile handset given to him by bookie Naresh Gaur and asked him to turn it away from his house.

Long planning before Mansukh’s assassination

Pradip Sharma, on the other hand, asked Samvesh Shelar for the registration number of the Tavera vehicle, which was to be used for Mansukh’s murder. Sunil Mane had some problem with the SIM card given to Sachin Waje, so Sunil Mane went to Sachin Waje’s office on March 3 and returned the SIM and mobile phone given to him. We met again at Manela Chakla on the same day. He was given a new mobile and SIM and told to call Mansukh with a sim like Tawde and call him at Thane. There, Mansukh will be handed over along with Santosh Shelar to the contract killers who were given the responsibility of killing Mansukh by Pradip Sharma.

And thus on March 4 Mansukh was murdered.

Santosh Shelar along with Anand Jadhav, Satish Motikri and Manish Soni were also involved in the murder plot. Anand Jadhav also juggled the car. On March 3, Crime Branch Inspector Sunil Mane also took a vehicle from an acquaintance to carry out the murder plot. Mansukh was assassinated late at night on March 4.

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Criminals are running here and there after the murder

According to the NIA, after the murder, Santosh Shelar, Satish Mothkuri and Manish Soni fled to Delhi and stayed at a hotel in Pahad Ganj. From there they fled to Lucknow and then to Nepal. These people stayed in Nepal for four days. Then he came back to Delhi. From there he went to Ahmedabad and then came back to Mumbai.

Pradip Sharma was of the opinion that Manish Soni was a weak link

The NIA says that after returning from Nepal, Santosh Shelar took Manish Soni’s flight from Mumbai to Dubai on the instructions of Pradip Sharma. Pradip Sharma was of the opinion that Manish Soni was a weak link. If he is caught, we will all be exposed. The chargesheet alleges that Pradip Sharma paid a large sum of money to Santosh Shelar for Mansukh’s murder. Sharma got the money from Sachin Waje.

The NIA considers Pradip Sharma, Sachin Waje and Sunil Mane as members of a terrorist group

The NIA said in its chargesheet that Sachin Waje, Pradip Sharma and Sunil Mane, who were associated with the police department, were members of a terrorist group as they worked to spread terror through their actions. The NIA has imposed UAPA on all of them. This section only applies to terrorist acts.

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